Oaxaca, Mexico Mission

The MTC  is  just like having seminary all day, every day. It’s good though. I’ve only been here a week and I’ve learned so much. When I got here they took me to my room, had me drop my bags off, and then I went straight to class. They get you going right when you get here. It’s like being on a treadmill and they keep turning it up slowly.

The second day after arriving they wanted us to teach a 30-minute lesson . . . in Spanish! So you have to get right to work and start memorizing words. The lesson went terrible; I probably said a whole five words because that’s all I knew! But now i can give a 30-minute lesson in Spanish with my companion.  I speak like a 2 year old, but at least the investigator can understand what I’m saying.

My birthday was pretty good; it didn’t feel like a birthday at all though. I have a lot to learn here in the MTC, and I’m glad I’m  learning how to teach here rahter than out in the field with real investigators.

Elder Ballard came and spake to us on Tuesday! it was amazing! Our district sat on the fourth row from the front, so we had some of the best seats there. He talked about how we have been prepared for this, and we are a miracle to the Church. After his talk everyone was saying, “that was so cool — Elder Ballard looked right at me!” It was pretty funny, but his talk was amazing — one of the best I’ve ever heard. I can’t wait until I’m in Mexico teaching real investigators.


Elder Moore

Christopher with MTC District

Christopher with MTC Group


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  1. Christopher,

    Great to hear from you! We’re super proud of you! Being a missionary is among the most challenging and rewarding callings in the church. There is no “done”, i.e., you can never accomplish everything you want to or feel like you ought to. The key is to focus on the core: living your life so that the Spirit is with you. Remember that every time you feel the comforting influence of the Spirit, that is Heavenly Father’s testimony to you that you are on the path that leads back to Him. Our responsibility is to stay on the path. God, through the Spirit, will determine the speed with which we move. That is not something we can often control. Don’t try to. Just do your best and have the Spirit in your life. You have gifts–a sincere, humble Spirit; a warm enthusiasm; a kind “touch”; an eager willingness…–that will allow Heavenly Father to use you in ways He cannot use others. …just one small bite at a time and before you know it, you’ll have swallowed the whole elephant (and be as fat as me :)). Keep up the great work and know how much we love and support you!!!

    Un abrazo de oso,


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