Oaxaca, Mexico Mission

The District is Awesome!  I have the best District ever.  We all want to work duro y learn a lot. I’m going to be in Mexico in 2 weeks! That’s when I really am going to feel like I’m gone on my mission. Right now it still feels like I’m home.

Guess what? if I don’t get my visa and get reassinged I will be able to call home! So if that happens I’ll let you know

WHAT – BECCA UNLOADS THE DISHWASHER BY HERSELF?????????  That is a milagro! She has already grown so much while I’ve been here. Mom, you are amazing! You always put us first – thank you.  Mom your life is a mission. you and dad have converted so many people including me – thank you.

I’m starting to see why Dad likes to work. I’m turning into Dad, I think work is a lot of fun! Cleaning toilets and what not is one of the best things all week. I might be like dad when I get home; I’ll be mowing the lawn and doing work at 12pm.

Mom and Dad, thank you for converting me and getting me ready for my mission. I love you both and I am extremely blessed to be your son. Can you please send me a wash cloth because I lost mine –  surprising, huh?! haha!  Could you also send me my a regular sweatshirt that I can wear with normal clothes?  Thank you!

Oh, I forgot to tell you I saw Jonba the first day he got here. I’ve also seen Russ, Ryan and Kimball Palmer. It’s fun running into people I know.  I also ran into a Hemana Valrez who knew Rachael.  This week an Hermana in our
district passed out in the hall and went to the hospital! When she came back she asked for a blessing so my companion and I gave her one – that was awesome!


Elder Moore


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