Oaxaca, Mexico Mission

It is crazy here! But awesome – I love it. I can’t understand a word people are saying, but it’s coming along; I can understand more and more each day. it is amazing being in the place where the events in the Book of Mormon took place. There are ruins here and likely the Lamanites lived in them, so it’s cool to see where the events of the Book of Mormon transpired.

I’m in area called ‘Universidad 2’. It is one of the nicest areas in the mission. The members here are awesome and they serve the best food. We are the first North Americans (gringos) to come to the Oaxaca mission in a year. They were fixing the mission, so for a period of time they didn’t send any North Americans. So having us arrive is pretty new for them and for us. The North American missionaries that are here are really good.  They’ve been out for a long time so they know a lot and they are really helpful.

I’m glad you found the Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Misi%C3%B3n-M%C3%A9xicoOaxaca-Tierra-de-milagros/242854199079769). General Conference was really good. I missed being at the Priesthood Session with everyone, but it was still amazing.  We watched it in English which was really nice.

Mom and Dad, our home is amazing! Thank you so much for loving me and teaching me the gospel. Coming here has made me realize even more how good I have it at home.

Love you,

Elder Moore




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