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When Understood, The Gospel Changes Lives

Everything is good in Oaxaca.
Right now we have this family we are teaching and the dad is a ‘menos activo’, and he just commited to receive the Priesthood so that he can baptize his family!  He has a wife and two sons, and they all have dates to be baptized. We have been working with them for four weeks, and since the first day we met and taught them there has been a big difference in how they treat each other and how they act. it is amazing how the gospel changes people.
The mission is the best!  Yes, it is hard; but that is why it’s so good. The harder you work, the more happy you are and the more blessings you receive. the Gospel is true and when it is understood, it changes lives.
Elder Moore

Poco a Poco Se Va Mejorando El Espanol

My Spanish is better! It is coming along – now I can catch some things when people are talking and I can put together some sentences when we are teaching, so I feel better about that, but it still needs lots of work.  My new comp is native so I am speaking a lot more Spanish than before.  It is really frustrating sometimes because we can’t understand each other – I try to speak in Spanish and he can’t understand me, but it’s all part of the learning process.
We have a family right now that is doing awesome!  They have come to Church the past three weeks and the Dad is loving it.  His name is Ivan; he is less active and his wife and two sons are not members.  We had a lesson with them a little while ago and we watched The Testaments.  They were all crying by the end of the movie – it was awesome. I love that movie.  I love teaching the Book of mormon here because this is where it all happened, so it’s fun teaching the people about the history.  I love the Misión!  It is tough, but I am learning a lot.
Elder Moore

Nuevo Companero del DF (New Companion from Mexico City)

I just received a new native companion.  This is what I have been praying for to help me with the language. My Spanish is going to get a lot better! his name is Elder Torres and he is from Mexico City. He speaks a little English so I am going to help him with that and he is going to help me with Spanish.  It’s going to be hard, but that’s the only way I can grow. When I Skype with the family in December I will be able to speak with you in Spanish.

I love my mission. I love this Gospel and I love the Atonement!

Dad, thank you for sharing with me your experiences from your mission; they have helped me a lot!  The mission is really hard and the biggest thing is just learning how to adapt because everything is always changing, but the nice thing is the gospel always stays the same. I am learning how to rely and focus everything on the Lord because I know that without Him and His love I am nothing. I have never felt His love or needed it more in my life than I do right now.

Well, like Keith says, read the Book of Mormon and go to the temple.”

Love you all

Elder Moore

Here are pictures we took of Christopher and Keith when Skyping ‘Moore Zone Conference style’ on Mothers Day:
IMG_9058 IMG_9063

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