Oaxaca, Mexico Mission

Everything is good in Oaxaca.
Right now we have this family we are teaching and the dad is a ‘menos activo’, and he just commited to receive the Priesthood so that he can baptize his family!  He has a wife and two sons, and they all have dates to be baptized. We have been working with them for four weeks, and since the first day we met and taught them there has been a big difference in how they treat each other and how they act. it is amazing how the gospel changes people.
The mission is the best!  Yes, it is hard; but that is why it’s so good. The harder you work, the more happy you are and the more blessings you receive. the Gospel is true and when it is understood, it changes lives.
Elder Moore

Comments on: "When Understood, The Gospel Changes Lives" (1)

  1. Right on, Christopher. When understood it changes lives. You have to get it in you and when you do it is a mighty force. We can all testify that we aren’t much without it, not at all. How thrilling that your memos active is preparing himself to baptize his own children. You can tell him you are doing the same thing. Yours aren’t here yet but you’re preparing yourself every day to be the best father and to be able to teach them and to perform priesthood ordinances for them. You have a lot in common with this man. And the same things that make you stronger in The Lord make him stronger.
    Christopher, I LOVE YOU! Nana

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