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Best Week Yet


This week has been the best week of my mission!  It helps that we had a baptism (see below).   The mission has been one of the greatest blessings of my life. I am so blessed to be joining the Lord in His work. I can’t wait for more hard experiences so I can grow and become who the Lord wants me to be.  At the beginning of my mission Nana and Popi told me that a mission was just like the First Vision, and I’m starting to see how it is like that.  Everyone needs a First Vision experience, and I’m getting mine here on my mission.  I’m starting to see how big this gospel really is and how we absolutely need it in our lives.  I can’t imagine my life without it.
I am finding so many things I need to work on; right now I am trying to work on patience.  I did the ‘Christlike’ attribute activity in PME and I really need some patience so this week I am working on that.  I’m going to work on one of the attributes each week for the rest of my mission.  I’m also studying Preach My Gospel a lot!  I didn’t study it as much as I should have my first change, so I am really trying to get that book in my head.  Spanish is coming along a lot better now.  I can read pretty well, but I still need help with speaking.  I’m not very good in the clutch moments, but I know I just need to be be calm and patient.  When I am patient I can speak so much better.
Dad, don’t worry – I climb what I can here in Mexico (see photo below)!  And I got the classic pic (reference to our ‘top of Timp’ pose’), but the background is a little different. 🙂
Keith probably already said this, but  here is a second reminder: read your scriptures and go to the temple!
Love you all!

Elder Moore
 Christopher at Ruins Christopher - Baptism

An Answer to Prayer

I had a cool experience this week. I have been struggling latley.  I’ve been trying to love the people and Oaxaca and I’ve seen little glimpses of me loving them, but I have not really felt a true love (charity, which is most important) for them.

So Friday I fasted because I just wanted help:  I wanted to be a missionary.  I wanted to love. I wanted to speak Spanish.  So I fasted and felt a little better afterward.  But my answer actually came a little later on Saturday.

We had a conference with the General Authority assigned to Mexico, Elder Johnson, who is Aunt Sheralee’s Dad.  It was amazing!  At first we all got in a line and shook hands with him and he said, “Elder Moore”.  Then he said, “Oh, you are the grandson of Gary Moore and the son of Rob Moore.”  I answered yes, and we talked for like 15 seconds because there was a line.  His talk to the missionaries was amazing!  It was just what I needed to hear. He spoke about teaching with the Spirit and that that requires love.  For the closing Hymn I lost it; I started to cry.  We sang Hymn number 2, ‘The Spirit of God’.

I wanted to love the people but I just felt like the language and a little bit of home was holding me back.  After the closing prayer I was putting my stuff in my bag and suddenly Elder Johnson was right by me.  He shook my companion’s hand, then he came over to me and shook my hand and I just started to cry.  He said, “You’re struggiling, aren’t you?” I answered that I was, and then he gave me a big hug and told me he loved me and said to be patient and the language will come.  Then he gave me another big hug and told me he loved me again. I have not felt the love of Christ so strong in my life.  Then his wife came over and started to talk to me and told me my heart was in the right place, and to just take it one day at a time and become a little better each day. Then they pulled out their iPads and we started to talk about the family, and they showed me some videos of Adam eating a hamburger.  Then they put them away and said, “Oh, we’re sorry; we don’t want to make you homesick.”  They are amazing people!
After that meeting we had a lesson with a new investigator and I have not felt so much love for someone here than I did during that lesson. It is almost impossible  to not love the people here and Oaxaca after i felt that kind of love from another.  My mission is going to be so much better!  I am so blessed to be able to be serving a mission and I know Heavenly Father answered my prayer through Elder and Sister Johnson.  I love missionary work.
Elder Moore
Photo of Christopher with his companion and Elder Dan Johnson (center) in front of the Oaxaca Temple
Christopher with Elder Johnson

Trip to Huajuapan

The mission is going great!  I had a really cool experience this week.  I went on a trip to Huajuapan  with Elder Humphries because he had to do some baptismal interviews and while he was doing the interviews I went on splits with another Elder there called Elder Cody.  He has just three weeks in the mission and his Spanish is just like mine when I arrived, so I was pretty nervous because we both don’t know a whole lot of Spanish.
Right before the lesson we said a prayer and went in. When we started the lesson I felt a lot better and I also figured out that I know a lot more Spanish than I thought I did. I could actually have a conversation with someone  and the lesson went really well.  Our pray was answered right away, and the Lord strenghened us when we needed it.  I hope everything is going well at home.
Love you all!
Elder Moore

Great Food & Life Lessons

This week was awesome!  The family we are teaching is making progress; one of the sons of Ivan really wants to get baptized now because he said he recieved an answer!

The food here is amazing.  I eat breakfast at 7:30 am, and eat 2 mangos, a banana, and an apple with a bowl of cereal.  I love the fruit here!  Later, we eat lunch at around 2:30 pm and that’s always with a Sister (Hermana) in the Ward.  For dinner I eat a piece of fruit or some nights our investigator, Ivan, invites us over for some tacos! They are so good.  And for water we just have a garrafon (water jug) we drink out of, but I love this drink – orchata con fresa (strawberry) and canela (cinnamon). It is so good and remindes me of Christmas when I drink it.

My spanish is better.  I can somewhat have a conversation with someone now.  There are still a lot of words I don’t know, but I write them all down. I’ve been reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish and writing down every word I don’t know, and now I can almost understand everything.  It is such a good feeling to be able to understand something in Spanish.

I have found the reason that the language and just being here have been hard, and it is because I have been kind of holding myself back because I don’t want to like it here more than home!  That might sound weird, but I didn’t want to love the people here more than you guys, and Oaxaca more than Utah. I’ve been scared to like it here more than home,  but now I know what I am doing is wrong, so I am trying to change that.  It’s hard, but I am praying really hard to have that change; I know I can only do that with the Lord’s help.

I really need charity! I find when I have that love in my heart the mission is really fun, my mind is really clear, and I can speak the language a lot better.  I am really learning to be patient.  I thought I was somewhat patient before (yeah, I am probably spelling that wrong.  My spelling has plumited ever since I started to learn Spanish),  but living with a comp is tuff sometimes — especially when you can’t fully comunicate with him.  When we are trying to work something out, it is really hard because I feel like I can’t fully express myself.  Another thing I am learning is to just speak my mind — tell my comp if I don’t agree with something.  That’s something that I have changed too. I love the mission though.  I can see how it is the best two years of and for my life.

Love you all!

Elder Moore

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