Oaxaca, Mexico Mission

This week was awesome!  The family we are teaching is making progress; one of the sons of Ivan really wants to get baptized now because he said he recieved an answer!

The food here is amazing.  I eat breakfast at 7:30 am, and eat 2 mangos, a banana, and an apple with a bowl of cereal.  I love the fruit here!  Later, we eat lunch at around 2:30 pm and that’s always with a Sister (Hermana) in the Ward.  For dinner I eat a piece of fruit or some nights our investigator, Ivan, invites us over for some tacos! They are so good.  And for water we just have a garrafon (water jug) we drink out of, but I love this drink – orchata con fresa (strawberry) and canela (cinnamon). It is so good and remindes me of Christmas when I drink it.

My spanish is better.  I can somewhat have a conversation with someone now.  There are still a lot of words I don’t know, but I write them all down. I’ve been reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish and writing down every word I don’t know, and now I can almost understand everything.  It is such a good feeling to be able to understand something in Spanish.

I have found the reason that the language and just being here have been hard, and it is because I have been kind of holding myself back because I don’t want to like it here more than home!  That might sound weird, but I didn’t want to love the people here more than you guys, and Oaxaca more than Utah. I’ve been scared to like it here more than home,  but now I know what I am doing is wrong, so I am trying to change that.  It’s hard, but I am praying really hard to have that change; I know I can only do that with the Lord’s help.

I really need charity! I find when I have that love in my heart the mission is really fun, my mind is really clear, and I can speak the language a lot better.  I am really learning to be patient.  I thought I was somewhat patient before (yeah, I am probably spelling that wrong.  My spelling has plumited ever since I started to learn Spanish),  but living with a comp is tuff sometimes — especially when you can’t fully comunicate with him.  When we are trying to work something out, it is really hard because I feel like I can’t fully express myself.  Another thing I am learning is to just speak my mind — tell my comp if I don’t agree with something.  That’s something that I have changed too. I love the mission though.  I can see how it is the best two years of and for my life.

Love you all!

Elder Moore


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  1. Great report Christopher. You are entering a new stage of your mission. Being the older missionary for a while is a lot like pausing as you climb a mountain. As you climb a mountain ( which I know you like to do) you have your eyes focused on the summit and you are constantly sensing how much more you must go before you reach your destination. That is not bad but it is good to periodically pause and look back down the mountain and realize how far you have come. From that spot in the climb the view is great and there is a sense of understanding and satisfaction that you have made significant progress toward your goal. As you turn and look once more at the summit you know it is time to move forward again and with a sense that the next views from higher up the mountain will be much more spectacular.
    Adelante con ojo de fe y con un entendimiento de que la cumbre de la montaña se logra paso a paso.
    Un abrazo fuerte de abuelito

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