Oaxaca, Mexico Mission

An Answer to Prayer

I had a cool experience this week. I have been struggling latley.  I’ve been trying to love the people and Oaxaca and I’ve seen little glimpses of me loving them, but I have not really felt a true love (charity, which is most important) for them.

So Friday I fasted because I just wanted help:  I wanted to be a missionary.  I wanted to love. I wanted to speak Spanish.  So I fasted and felt a little better afterward.  But my answer actually came a little later on Saturday.

We had a conference with the General Authority assigned to Mexico, Elder Johnson, who is Aunt Sheralee’s Dad.  It was amazing!  At first we all got in a line and shook hands with him and he said, “Elder Moore”.  Then he said, “Oh, you are the grandson of Gary Moore and the son of Rob Moore.”  I answered yes, and we talked for like 15 seconds because there was a line.  His talk to the missionaries was amazing!  It was just what I needed to hear. He spoke about teaching with the Spirit and that that requires love.  For the closing Hymn I lost it; I started to cry.  We sang Hymn number 2, ‘The Spirit of God’.

I wanted to love the people but I just felt like the language and a little bit of home was holding me back.  After the closing prayer I was putting my stuff in my bag and suddenly Elder Johnson was right by me.  He shook my companion’s hand, then he came over to me and shook my hand and I just started to cry.  He said, “You’re struggiling, aren’t you?” I answered that I was, and then he gave me a big hug and told me he loved me and said to be patient and the language will come.  Then he gave me another big hug and told me he loved me again. I have not felt the love of Christ so strong in my life.  Then his wife came over and started to talk to me and told me my heart was in the right place, and to just take it one day at a time and become a little better each day. Then they pulled out their iPads and we started to talk about the family, and they showed me some videos of Adam eating a hamburger.  Then they put them away and said, “Oh, we’re sorry; we don’t want to make you homesick.”  They are amazing people!
After that meeting we had a lesson with a new investigator and I have not felt so much love for someone here than I did during that lesson. It is almost impossible  to not love the people here and Oaxaca after i felt that kind of love from another.  My mission is going to be so much better!  I am so blessed to be able to be serving a mission and I know Heavenly Father answered my prayer through Elder and Sister Johnson.  I love missionary work.
Elder Moore
Photo of Christopher with his companion and Elder Dan Johnson (center) in front of the Oaxaca Temple
Christopher with Elder Johnson

Comments on: "An Answer to Prayer" (2)

  1. Christopher!

    Great to hear from you bud! You are an amazing missionary…humble, wanting to love, wanting to work hard, etc…The Lord will bless you for your service and for your desires. There has to be challenges along the way to truly appreciate the good. Thanks for your great service and example to my kids. Keep up the great work! We love you.


  2. Christopher,

    You have a pure heart and little idea how great a missionary you already are. We’re super proud of what you’re accomplishing.

    Elder McConkie (sp?) once taught that the most important person we save on our missions is ourself. The next most important…our companions. Investigators, he taught, are next. The most important work that you’ll accomplish on your mission will be inside your own heart–not that the other work is not important too. You’re excelling at that work. Your desires show it.

    I remember having those times when the language and other things weighed me down–not too much fun as I recall. Not to be a downer, but I still have those experiences and have ever since I stepped on the treadmill that leads heavenward. That’s not to say that life is always as heavy as what you’re feeling–it’s not, but as our capacity grows because we overcome the last set of challenges so (unfortunately) does our capacity to face the next set.

    Life here continues to be busy, but good. Mason is now nearly my height. I think he’ll be our tallest child…unless Tay beats him out. Atalie is our tallest girl (but that’s not saying much…sample size of one, and all that! 🙂

    We’re finally starting to get consistently warm days here–we ought to work out a deal where we trade you some cool for some of the hot you experience.

    Very cool photo of you, your companion, and E. Johnson in front of the temple! How does it feel to be famous?!

    Un abrazo de oso,


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