Oaxaca, Mexico Mission

Best Week Yet


This week has been the best week of my mission!  It helps that we had a baptism (see below).   The mission has been one of the greatest blessings of my life. I am so blessed to be joining the Lord in His work. I can’t wait for more hard experiences so I can grow and become who the Lord wants me to be.  At the beginning of my mission Nana and Popi told me that a mission was just like the First Vision, and I’m starting to see how it is like that.  Everyone needs a First Vision experience, and I’m getting mine here on my mission.  I’m starting to see how big this gospel really is and how we absolutely need it in our lives.  I can’t imagine my life without it.
I am finding so many things I need to work on; right now I am trying to work on patience.  I did the ‘Christlike’ attribute activity in PME and I really need some patience so this week I am working on that.  I’m going to work on one of the attributes each week for the rest of my mission.  I’m also studying Preach My Gospel a lot!  I didn’t study it as much as I should have my first change, so I am really trying to get that book in my head.  Spanish is coming along a lot better now.  I can read pretty well, but I still need help with speaking.  I’m not very good in the clutch moments, but I know I just need to be be calm and patient.  When I am patient I can speak so much better.
Dad, don’t worry – I climb what I can here in Mexico (see photo below)!  And I got the classic pic (reference to our ‘top of Timp’ pose’), but the background is a little different. 🙂
Keith probably already said this, but  here is a second reminder: read your scriptures and go to the temple!
Love you all!

Elder Moore
 Christopher at Ruins Christopher - Baptism

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