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Salud y Servicio

I’m doing better this week.  I got sick – I had a temp of a little over 102 and it was super hot.  Sleeping at night – well, trying to sleep – was impossible because it was already 95 degrees outside and with my fever it was like an oven.   But right now I feel better.

This week was good – we found a lot of new investigators, thanks to the members here.  We are excited to teach and get to know them.

My comp from Peru is doing well.   Yesterday was their (Peru’s) Independence Day so he was talking about Peru all day – it was fun.  He talks a little different from the people here and some of his words are different too.  He says there are a lot of Japanese people where is from, and he likes to cook so he made some rice with a Japanese sauce and it tasted pretty good.

I had a cool experience this week.   My comp and I were doing some service for an investigator and we were cutting down some bushes on her wall.  I was on a ladder about nine or so feet off the ground cutting down this bush and I went to pull out a branch and an iguana jumped out of the wall.  I don’t even know where it came from, but it jumped the nine feet to the ground, landed, and started running away.   It was only a little over a foot long, but it scared me so bad I almost jumped off the ladder!  Here (below) is a pic of where I was performing the service.

I am learning a lot of important things on my mission right now.

Love you all!

Elder Moore

Proyecto de servicio


Cambios y Calor

These first three paragraphs are from July 8th:

Wow – this week has been crazy!!!!! Tuesday I found out I was going to another area six hours away so I had to pack that night and leave in the morning.  I am more near the coast at a place called TEHUANTEPEC and my area is called COSIJOPI.  So I arrived here on Wednesday and met my new companion.  He is fromIidaho and this is his last transfer.

It is blazin’ hot here!!!  I have to carry around a towel because I am constantly sweating. The first day I got here it was raining but I was still sweating.  The people here are a lot more humble and they give you so much, but they are much poorer than the people in the city.  I love the people here though.

Well last night my comp got a call and the zone leaders said he was going back to the city.  So I am going to get another comp today – his name is Elder Sanchez and he is from Peru.   Only spanish!!!  So this past week I have been with three different companions.   It’s going to be tough because this area is so big and I’ve only been here four days.  There are a lot of little streets, so it’s hard to get around, but it will be fun.  I know I can do it because the Lord has called me to do it.

And now this week’s update:

It is super humid here!  I am constantly sweating, but right now I am in an air conditioned room so I feel awesome, but when I leave it’s like hitting a wall of wet heat!  I´ve heard of people talk about intense humidity before, and now I finally know what it feels like. Here (below) is a pic of me inside a the church building taken right after church.  We have fans blowing in there but I am still sweating.  The other picture is of a soccer feild here.  Every soccer field is just pure dirt – it’s crazy.

Well, I feel like I can somewhat speak my mind or at least get my point across of what I am trying to say in Spanish. I am really trying to work on my pronunciation right now; it’s tough trying to sound like a native.  I am learning how to be really patient with myself.   Sometimes I expect myself to be perfect and I set unrealistic goals, but I am trying to just calm it down.  I get myself feeling like I am in some kind of race or rush to learn Spanish or to become a great teacher and that works against me.  I am learning how to fix that.  Other than that I am doing really well –  I’m starting to like the heat and everything here.

Love you all!

Elder Moore

Sweating in Oaxaca

Cancha de futbol

Member Missionary Work

This week has been awesome! we found a new family to teach and they have been prepared to hear the gospel! it is so exciting to see them eat it up.

I´m a little sad that I´ll be missing the Fourth of July, but Elder Humphries (from Idaho)  and I are going to eat some good American pancakes with some maple syrup (from one of the elders from Canada) that night – yummm!  So that’s my little celebration.

The work here is good my area is really small and we are only able to work through the members. There are around ten members in my area, but around 20 menos activos (less actives). The mission is a little different than I thought it would be because I always pictured myself knocking doors, but we don’t do that.  I have only knocked two doors of people I don’t know while I have been here!  So that’s different, but we are teaching a lot more lessons from working with the members.

I love the mission!  Love you all!

Elder Moore
Christopher con ninitos

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