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(Email from Last Week – August 5th)

I am going to a new place in Juchitan called Ixtapec. I am excited to go but sad to be leaving here because it seems like I just got here.

My Spanish is a lot better; i noticed that yesterday when my comp and I were sitting in the adult class in Sunday School with about 50 – 60 others and there was no teacher, so they asked if we could give the lesson.  It was fast sunday too, so we were both exhausted, but we taught anyway and it was a neat experience.  The Lord always gives you enough strength to succeed.

On Fast Sundays it’s weird – you don’t sweat at all because your body doesn’t have any water to sweat, but when you break your fast and drink a lot of water, about a minute later you start sweating a ton!  Well, love you all and go to the temple!

(Email from This Week – August 12th)

This week was good – I really like my new area!  Here (below) is a pic of our taxi, two bulls, it was a lot fun.  It  was like a handcart being pulled by two bulls and we crossed this river.  The river wasn’t deep, but we didnt have to get wet.

I feel like I am in the middle of nowhere!  There are a lot of farms here.  Also in this area I have experienced my first ‘casa de oracion’ (house of prayer).  It’s a house the Church rents so we can meet on Sundays because there is no chapel here yet.  The Church is building one right now and it will be done in four months, so that’s really exciting. This area is going to be awesome!

Love you all! The mission is the best!

Elder Moore

Taxi a la vaca


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