Oaxaca, Mexico Mission

A Light In The Darkness

I had a  really neat experience with a recent convert that is blind and looks like Morgan Freeman.  We were reading the scriptures with him during one lesson and as I finished reading a verse  he stopped us and said that he saw a light when I was reading.  He then moved his hand to where he saw the light and put it right over my scriptures.
At that time there was an ex-missionary sitting on a ‘hamaca’ (hammock) in the same room.  He is inactive and was wearing a blind fold because his eyes were bothering him.  He was listening in on the lesson and he saw a light pass over his head that moved towards us, and then he heard Arturo (the blind man) share his experience with us.  He decided to come sit in on the lesson, which was big because he doesn’t want to be taught.  It was a really neat experience.  Even though he is blind and can’t read, the Lord gave him an experience to feel how powerful scripture study is.  He told us after that that he will never forget that experience.
After the lesson my mind went to Lehi’s dream and how the rod of iron is the Word of God, and how it is also a light in the mist of darkness to show us the way, but we can only see that light if we are feasting on the Word.  I am grateful for having that experience the Lord gave me.
Well, love you all!  Keep reading your scriptures.
Elder Moore

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  1. Thanks for sharing Christopher! That is a wonderful experience and great counsel for us all. We love you.


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