Oaxaca, Mexico Mission

Viva Mexico!

¡VIVA MEXICO! Right now I am in Ixtepec Centro, and yesterday was Mexico’s Independence Day.  On this day everyone eats a soup called Pozole – it’s pretty good.  All the celebrating happens at night; the town throws one big party in el centro (downtown) and the people drink and dance until 5 am.  We walked by where they were going to have the party yesterday and there were piles of beer and a lot of fireworks.  We had to be in our houses at 7 pm because it was too dangerous to leave.   

Right now  I am studying some topics in the scriptures.  One thing I have learned is that I have much better study sessions if I study by topic.  The topics I am interested in and have been studying are Justice, Mercy, and Grace.  I don’t know if the articles in the Liahona are the same as the articles in the Ensign,  but there is a talk by Elder Holland on Justice and Mercy that is amazing; I have read it multiple times.  And there’s another article by Brad Wilcox on grace, i love that talk by him!  I am so grateful that God is just and that through repentance  we can receive forgiveness (mercy) and power (grace) to help us change and become more obedient.  Through studying this I have come to know more of my Savior and Heavenly Father, and the sacrifice they have made for me.

Love you all! Keep going to the Temple!
Elder Moore

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