Oaxaca, Mexico Mission

Bad Food & Fungus

Well, this week was good.  I got sick again at the end of the week and had to go to the doctor.  I had a stomach infection from some food I ate that was prepared bad, but I don’t remember what it could of been — maybe some carnitas, tacos al pastor, empenadas — who knows.   But I went to the doctor and he said I had to rest for three days,  but i was given a blessing and felt better in a day and a half, which was really nice and a blessing. I also have these white marks on my face, but I went to the doctor for that too and he said that its just from the sun and some fungus that I picked up, but he said that will go away so thats good.  Well love you all, and I am so gratefull for the Atonement of Christ and how we cant learn enough about it! also the temple and the symblism it has given me to direct my life and live how the lord would have me live.
 Right now I am really trying to love my companion because we don’t really agree on the same stuff, so we get a little frustrated.  That is one of the hardest parts about the mission — living with people who have different ways of living.  But I’m learning a lot.  Love you all, and I can’t wait until we can all go to the temple together.  Take advantage of the temple that you have five minutes away!  I am not able to go to one right now and I haven’t been for four months because its too far away from us.  Take advantage of the blessing!!!
Elder Moore

Comments on: "Bad Food & Fungus" (1)

  1. Chris,

    Bad food, fungus, and companion problems … It sounds like you ordered the full meal deal!! Might I suggest an appetizer of investigators that don’t progress fast enough?! 🙂 Thankfully, you get to enjoy the fruits-of-the-Spirit salad for desert!!! Even better, you get much more desert than the rest of us and end up with a buff spiritual physique.

    Those are challenging situations. They are designed to “beat the hell out of us,” literally–or, put more delicately, they are designed to perfect us. Keep up the great work and know of our love, admiration, and support!

    Un abrazo,


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