Oaxaca, Mexico Mission

Chowi Chowi

Well another week in Oaxaca!  I love the mission – you learn a lot!  But the only bad thing is the more you love the mission, the more you love your family.  Funny how that works when we are so far away but we are still strengthing our relationships. The Gospel is amazing.

Yeah my comp…. well I am learning a lot in this situation right now.  But we are getting better chowi chowi (Zapoteco for poco a poco or little by little).  Mom is speaking Spanish – way to go!  I love the story about the young adults; if you are ever hungry you can count on Mom. Tell Dan thanks for the letter.   And I hope Grandma and Grandpa are handling Grandpa Lines’ passing well; I’ll be praying for them too.  We had an recent convert, Arturo, bless the Sacrament the other day.  It was the best prayer I have heard.  The reverence in his voice that brought the Spirit into the meeting was amazing.
With the other invetigators it feels like I am eating an appetizer of investigators that don’t progress fast enough.  And before the mission I thought I was a pretty patient guy, but my patience has been tried many times in the mission with the language, my weaknesses, my companion and investigators.  But I am praying that the Lord can help me change that.  I am learning also about the Atonement and how big it really is and the strength (grace) we can recieve.
Love you all!  And prepare for one of the best weekends ever with General Conference!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Moore

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