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The Power of the Book of Mormon

Hello everyone,
This week was great.  My companion is really good.  He is from Texas and we get along really well.  It makes a huge difference when there is unity between you and your companion.  You can have the unity of the Spirit.
The first couple months of my mission were tough. I was timid and didn’t trust myself all the time.  But now all of those things have gone away.  A mys mom says, you just have to put it all on the altar.  I’ve done that and now I am not fearful; instead, I am chasing after opportunities and am feeling like I am making a difference.  When I teach the lessons I can say whatever I want, and understand our investigators perfectly too.
I had a neat experience in a lesson with an investigator this week.  He is a Jehova’s Witness but only has one year as a member of that faith, so we are trying to catch him while he is ‘fresh’.  He asks a lot of questions, and while we were teaching about the restoration he wanted to know who had the authority to baptize.  He didn’t believe that anyone did.  The lesson went on for an hour and 20 minutes; it was way too long.  At the end he was still asking questions, and i just looked at him and bore my testimony about the Book of Mormon and what the truthfulness of that book means.  I then invited him to be baptized and he accepted.  It was a good experience for me.
I love the Book of Mormon.  It is a powerful tool that the Lord has given us, and we can use it to answer all questions.
Love you all!
Elder Moore

La Fe

Something i have really worked on and one thing I love are the ‘Articulos de Fe’ (Articles of Faith).  They are amazing and one always seems to fit in the moment. I studied them and memorized them since conference and I use at least one in every one of the lessons.
The definition of faith is amazing. Why do we sometimes have little to no trust in the lord when we know and have seen what he can do?  I want to be like Nephi; he never doubted  – even when his father and brothers doubted, he kept to the faith.
I have really learned to rely on the faith and knowledge that I have and just keep going.
Keep moving forward so we can all go to the temple together one day!
Love you all!
Elder Moore

Hidden Treasures

This week has been amazing and I have never been more excited to be a missionary, sharing the good news! This is the life! Being a missionary you learn so much and get to experience so many things – it is incredible!

I love the Book of Mormon; the revelation you can recieve from that Book is amazing. I have found out that upon reading I will get what seems to be a small thought that has poped into my head, but if ponderd on and studied more, it can reveal many hidden treasures. This gospel is so simple.  We just need to act – that for me is the part that is the most difficult, but I am slowly improving.

Love you all,

Elder Moore

The Atonement in Action

Sorry I dont have a lot of time to write — I know I say that a lot.  

This week has been amazing for me.  I have seen the Atonement in action.  There is no greater blessing to have FREE and UNLIMITED access to this sacrifice.  The most humbling and satisfying thing in the mission is to see the Atonement put into action.  I can’t imagine how our Heavenly Father feels when we use this act of love. 

General conference was amazing — what a blessing to hear the prophet and apostles. I was so excited to go to work after the talks.  Gifford Nelson — What?!  I felt like I was in a pregame speech, getting ready to go play a game or something; especially with his announcer voice! But I loved all the talks and I can’t wait for the Liahona to come out.

Love you all! Live so you can access the power the Atonement brings. 

Elder Moore

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