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Loving The Scriptures

I have grown a new appreciation for the scriptures and especially for my personal study here on the mission.  In the morning I wake up and make sure I am the first one in the shower so I can get ready, pound my breakfast, and study.  It’s keeping me from my exercise routine in the morning because that’s 30 minutes I could be studying the scriptures, but I probably need to change that. But study time is amazing – I love it! The New Testament is amazing, reading about the life of Christ and how he taught. I love the Parable of ‘el tesoro escondido en el campo’ and how he sold everything to obtain and better know the treasure. I have left my house and am in Oaxaca, but that is not all.  I have to show and act as though I have sold everything to obtain the treasure. I am paying attention to every word and every thought that enters my mind to make sure that I am showing the lord that I am willing to sell EVERYTHING to obtain the treasure.
I love you all — keep becoming more and more converted every day!
Christopher in Ixtepec Christopher with Book of Mormon Christopher with companion

Elder Moore

The Lewis Family & The Power of The Word

Hey! how are you guys doing? The packages came! and I saw the Lewises!  They are really nice people.  They went out of their way to give the package to me.  I had church during the time they were coming and so I wasn’t planing on going because I didn’t feel like I should go.  Then, sure enough, the night before a member that I have gotten to know well and who has left to teach with us a lot came to our house drunk. He called me before we got to the house at night and somthing didn’t feel right.  The conversasion felt different. He came over drunk and stood outside our house, so we talked with him for a little bit about what happened.  He came to us because he wanted help, so we tried to speak to him.  Then after some words he left and he said he would come to Church the next day. So I decided I had to be there with him at Church, plus, we brought some investigators with us and it didn’t feel right to leave them there to meet the Lewis family.

Here in the mission, the three hours of Church is like ‘hay day’ (make or break).  It either puts the cherry on top or it’s heart breaking. This week was a combination of both.  The member who drank talked to the Bishop and had a good experience, so that’s how that turned out. I felt bad because the Lewis family offered for us to eat with them, but we already had a cita (appointment) with a menos activo (less active) and I’m afraid I would have thought way too much about home if I had spent time with them.  I’m trying to focus on the work, and that focus is helping a lot.  My desire to be home is almost not there any more (sorry :-).   But please tell tlhe Lewis family ‘thank you’ from me when you next see them.  

This week has been really good for me. It is amazing to see the Spirit work through the members and recent converts to have them share the gospel. I especially love seeing recent converts have the fire of the Spirit with them, and a strong desire to share it with others. They are also amazing for referencias (referrals). The work of the Lord is hastening and every time you read, testify or think of the work I get a feeling like something is going to happen soon; it’s like when you are waiting for christmas morning — it just tugs at you inside. It has really been a blessing to me to see my feelings and thoughts change about this work. Like you said, Mom, it’s like the cow getting yoked to the Lord and turning into an ox.

I am feeling a change.  It feels good and satisfying. The changes I have made in order to improve and to experience this change is to have the Word constantly pumping through me like blood. I am trying to apply Josue (Joshua) 1:8 — it’s a good scripture. (This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success.)  I am a bigger fan of scripture mastery! Becca and Miriam: LEARN THE SCRIPTURE MASTERY SCRIPTURES!! Memorize them and ponder them so you can feel them and apply them to situations in your life at any moment. I look at it as if I am stocking up on armas (ammunition) so that I’m ready for battle.  They are so pure, simple and powerfull. 

By the way, my companion is feeling much better.  And, yes, Mom, I am washing my hands every night.  I bought this really good smelling soap — it’s amazing.

Love you all!

Elder Moore

P.S. Wow – I wrote a novel! That’s the longest letter I have sent home . . .
Christopher with Lewis Family

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