Oaxaca, Mexico Mission

Loving The Scriptures

I have grown a new appreciation for the scriptures and especially for my personal study here on the mission.  In the morning I wake up and make sure I am the first one in the shower so I can get ready, pound my breakfast, and study.  It’s keeping me from my exercise routine in the morning because that’s 30 minutes I could be studying the scriptures, but I probably need to change that. But study time is amazing – I love it! The New Testament is amazing, reading about the life of Christ and how he taught. I love the Parable of ‘el tesoro escondido en el campo’ and how he sold everything to obtain and better know the treasure. I have left my house and am in Oaxaca, but that is not all.  I have to show and act as though I have sold everything to obtain the treasure. I am paying attention to every word and every thought that enters my mind to make sure that I am showing the lord that I am willing to sell EVERYTHING to obtain the treasure.
I love you all — keep becoming more and more converted every day!
Christopher in Ixtepec Christopher with Book of Mormon Christopher with companion

Elder Moore

Comments on: "Loving The Scriptures" (2)

  1. Christopher,

    I love the photo of you and your companion behind the plants, with you holding up El Libro de Mormon. You guys look like members in the army of Helaman! Keep up the great work!

    Un abrazo,


  2. I love those pictures!

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