Oaxaca, Mexico Mission

Yo Debo Obedecer

This week is amazing; well, every week gets better in the scriptures and serving. I love reading about the life of the Savior during this time of year.  Even though there is no snow it still feels like a wonderful time of year.  And I love singing hymns during our lessons.  With the investigators we are singing Christmas songs now and it is a great way to enhance the Spirit in the lesson and open the heart of the investigators.  It’s interesting to see them react to the hymn.  Their reaction gives us insight into how open and prepared they are by the Lord to receive this message.  And for the Spirit of Christmas, it is the greatest gift that we can offer.

I have been in my area for almost five months now and we have transfers at the end of this week, so there is a chance I am leaving.

That’s a cool experience that all the cousins went to the temple, and way to go, Mason for getting the names for everyone!
This morning I was reading in 2 nefi 33 where Nephi is giving his final words and the words he finishes with just describe him perfectly: ” y yo debo obedecer “.  My mind went to the other scripture in 2 Nephi where he says “oh miserable hombre que soy”, because he is talking about his mortal and imperfect state. Si, no somos perfectos y vamos a cometer errores pero “yo debo obedecer” si quiero sentir feliz y el amor de Dios en mi vida.  “Yo debo obedecer”– there really is no other choice but to be obedient when you look at the grand scheme of things.  It’s almost a no-brainer when making a decision.  The test is the good better and best options.  That’s what I am really trying to do right now; I am trying to have the best thoughts, feelings, words and actions towards others.  It’s hard, but that’s part of killing the ‘natural man’.
Love you all! Keep becoming more converted!
Elder Moore



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