Oaxaca, Mexico Mission

Faith Points to the Future

Well I am now going to be in this area for 6 months, but I love it! It’s big and there is a lot of work to do here. It’s been really fun to meet all the members and get to know them. I have learned so much in this area – it’s called Ixtepec Centro – I love it here!
Right now feel like the Lord is stretching me.  A lot of times in the mission you don’t feel ready for things and you just have to rely completely on the Lord. I have felt the power of prayer and the comfort the scriptures bring to me when I don’t think I can do something.  But I just have to make sure I am obedient and doing everything with an eye single to the glory of God. Also, it is super important to be positive all the time.  The Spirit cannot be with someone who is thinking or talking negatively. You always have to be positive, or in gospel terms – have faith. Faith always points to the future and in the last conference some one said, “the Kingdom of Heaven is not fit for those who dwell in the past.”  We need to be filled with faith and a bright hope for the future.
I love the Lord and am thankful to be involved in His work. The power of the Atonement is real and changes people. Use it as much as you can!
Love you all! Keep reading and going to the temple.
Elder Moore

Comments on: "Faith Points to the Future" (2)

  1. LaNell Moore said:

    Dear, dear Christopher,
    You are doing so amazingly well. Just look at your attitude! Talk about faith filled and looking towards the future! I absolutely love it.
    We have been home three weeks. During that time we have worked our little tails off. Of course that means you’ll see us without tails when you come home. That will be good.
    Poppy and your dad are at a BYU basketball game tonight. It’s wonderful to have father-son time together. I stayed home to making preparations for the family Christmas party on Saturday. We also have Dan’s family and Joseph’s family coming to stay with us for the weekend. Keith will be home tomorrow, it is truly amazing. He has really filled his mission fully. Just like you are doing! Aunt Leonda will also be arriving on Thursday. There will be 17 of us sleeping here for several days. It will seem like old times. It’s all about strengthening family. I am so impressed at the principles that I learned every day in the Scriptures and how they are put into practice in that very day. I love the scriptures so much. Father is so generous to us.
    Know that we love you and pray for you every day. You are a saint. You hold a special place in Nana’s heart.
    Love Nana

  2. These are words that touched my heart and I know we’re important for me to read. Thanks for sharing this in such a clear way. I’m proud of you and how you’re growing and what what you’re doing. You’re incredible!

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