Oaxaca, Mexico Mission

Growing & Changing

Wow – I don’t know what to say . . . Keith is home! it sounds like he is doing really well and is really helping a lot of people realize what is important. Thanks for not sending pictures –  I don’t even want to imagine that yet.

I have learned a lot this past week about just telling people how it is and what they need to do; the gospel is simple but powerful. We had a meeting with elder Velinzuena, and he talked about the importance of finding others to teach.  It was amazing, but the part I loved the most was the little interview I had with him after! He has a very strong spirit and reflects the love of Christ in all his actions. The interview  was really powerful and he gave me some really good counsel on how to improve the work. He talked to me about how the Lord was / is a perfect Shepard, and how we all are becoming perfect shepards too. It was incredible!

I have changed a lot. As I have tried to represent the Lord, I have grown a love for this people and for the culture. Two years isn’t enough time. But I love the opportunity the Lord has given me to serve.
Love you all! and go to the temple. I can’t wait to go again.  I haven’t gone to the temple for seven months because there isn’t one close to me. Take advantage of that blessing!
Elder Moore

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  1. Dear Christopher,
    We got to see your skype call. Rachael had videoed it and so we got to see you. You are on fire!!! It was particularly insightful to see you and Keith light up when you talked “shop/missionary work.” It is the best. You don’t want to ever be outside of that shop! Your testimony was shared with authority and with power. I pray daily for missionary experiences and for charity. I think they are one and the same thing. We have just been called to teach the 15-16 year old kids in Sunday School. It just so happens it is my old Primary class so I already have a wonderful relationship with these kids. One of them came over last evening with a carton of ice cream she had just made. It just so happens she has been very ill the last 5 years while we have been gone and she is just starting to get better. She is so excited to “start life” again. She is going to help me with Roots Magic. The Lord is at work here because during this illness she has really struggled with her testimony and she is a super capable, intelligent young woman. You think this is part of my missionary work! I think so. The missionary badge has been placed with my collection of badges but the one I wear on my heart isn’t going away. Her mother and I winked at one another as they left the house last evening. We know what the Lord is doing. The awesome thing is that they get not just their old primary teacher but her amazing husband in the same package. Can you imagine how lucky those kids are to get Poppi as a teacher. I am sure they have no idea what awaits them. The Spirit has great things in store.Don’t you feel that way everytime you make a contact! They have no idea what is yet in store for them.
    We’re all moved in to the home. That means all the boxes are emptied and we know where things are. It does not mean things are finished but the temporal stage is set and we can keep chewing away on it. We’ll see whether the Lord wants us to remain here in Bountiful or move south towards Highland. Randy and Risse just bought a home in Kaysville. They should be moving in within the month.That is a huge and exciting step for them.
    Adelante con ojo de fe!
    The gospel is true and we love you!
    Nana and Poppi

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