Oaxaca, Mexico Mission

Here is Christopher’s weekly update along with a note he sent to Becca and to a cousin, Jake, in response to Jake’s questions about how he was enjoying his mission and what he had done to prepare.

Sorry I haven’t been able to write.  We performed service last week on p-day, and when we made it to the Internet cafe, the computers didn’t work and we ran out of time.  I hope the New Year is going well for all of you!  We had an amazing day yesterday!  We had a great day at Church with all of our investigators; the testimonies were really good and the investigators loved it.  After a class that the bishop taught, one of the investigators that we haven’t even taught and two others asked  when they could be baptized! It was amazing – I love hearing that from people.
Fasting here is a really good experience. it is amazing how the spirit fills you with a desire to serve and treasure up the Word of God.  After a day of walking in the heat and sweating, you don’t even think about  food or water – just about the gospel and how you can help others.
Sorry – I read everyone’s letter from last week so I don’t have much time to write.  I love you all! Go to the temple and read!
Thanks for the letter, Becca!  That’s cool that you are running track. I wanted to do track but didn’t have time and the meets take like 5 or 6 hours! Get into some long distance running and  when I get back we will  run some races.
That would happen (it snows all winter and stays)  when I am gone and we don’t have a ramp in the backyard!  I love the snow but I am starting to love the sun more and more because that’s all I see here. This Saturday we are going to have the dedication for the new Church building they are opening here in Ixtepec Centro!  I am excited because we are going to baptize a family the day of the dedication, so they will be the first baptisms in the new church.  I am really excited for that day!   Take advantage of the temple – that is so close.  I haven’t gone for almost 8 months because its too far away. How is the other Provo temple coming along?
Jake, how are you doing? It’s great to hear from you! Mexico is amazing; super hot, but amazing. The food here is so good and the people are friendly.
You ask a really good question. What I did before my mission is my friends and I had a study session of Preach My Gospel one day a week. We would read it and study it together Sunday evening. Also, I went to the temple often. Jake, there is great power and protection for those who go to the temple regularly. Try to go as much as possible. Also, look for every opportunity to make a new friend and then share the gospel with them. Become familiar with Preach My Gospel and the scriptures. And be an example to your family and friends. Learn how a gospel-centered family works so you can teach that to the families who need it  where you will serve.
Love you, Jake!
Elder Moore



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