Oaxaca, Mexico Mission

Transfer to Los Angeles

Sorry I didn’t get to write yesterday; I was on a bus transferring to a new area.  I am now in the city in an area called Los Angeles with Elder Zapata.  They just barely put both of us in the area, so we are trying to find where all the members live.  I was in my last area for 6 months and I loved it.  I didn’t want to go, but I know the Lord wants me in another area.
We had a baptism the Saturday before I left – it was crazy.  We ended up conducting the baptism under the stars in a trough where farm animals drink – it was awesome!  As it turns out, we got to the church and there was no electricity, so we had to go to a farm where we could perform the baptism.  It was dark out and there were about 30 people with us for the ceremony.  We sang a hymn, performed the baptisms, and closed with a prayer because the wind was really strong and we were all cold.  It was an experience!
I finally get to go to the temple this month – I’m super excited!
Love you all!
Elder Moore

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