Oaxaca, Mexico Mission

The Spirit of the Temple

I just went to the temple for the first time in eight months and it was AMAZING!  The spirit and power I felt were powerful! It was too much time to be away from the temple, but that just made the experience that much sweeter.

My new area is different than Ixtepec.  It’s a lot more modern here than there, and the culture isn’t as strong.  But one thing I really miss is singing hymns over here;  half the time we don’t even have a piano.

Opening the area has been fun!  We have found a lot of people to teach, and it was a  big blessing to start the first week here like that.  Oh, speaking of singing, we found a family and one of them can sing just like Celine Dion.  She sang The Prayer by Andrea Bocelli and it was amazing!  It sounded just like her in real life.  So hopefully she can help the Ward out that way.  My studies are getting better, and  I am learning a lot more.  I am going to give a class this week on the Atonement, and I am super excited to teach. I think one of the best ways we can hasten the Lord’s work is to first have a better understanding of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, and the mercy and grace we can receive from it.  It’s also important to realize how vital faith is. If we want to see how much faith we have, we just need to look at how obedient we are and if we are being obedient out of love for the Savior.

Love all of you! Read, pray and keep going to the Temple.

Elder Moore


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