Oaxaca, Mexico Mission


Family – don’t worry about last week.  I would way rather have you guys serving the Lord through others than have you write me. That’s part of the covenant we made when we got baptized and received the Priesthood – to be faithful, magnificar nuestro llamamiento, estar diligentement atentos a las palabras de vida eterna, y vivir cada palabra que sale de la boca de Dios.  These are just some of the covenants that we have made with the Lord, but they all tie into one great whole, and you can’t start doing one without doing the others.
Isn’t it amazing how  the gospel works?  I feel like I am just beginning to scratch the surface of what its all about, and I feel like jumping up and down inside each time I scrape off a little more.
This week my desire to know the savior has been increased out of my want to help others come unto him and participate in this great process of sanctification.  I have been reading a lot and my companion makes comments like the comments I used to make to Keith when we were young.  So Keith, I know how you feel now.

I love all of you!  Keep and learn more about your covenants!!! 
Elder Moore 



Comments on: "Covenants" (1)

  1. Christopher,
    Great report. It is far easier to get called as a missionary than it is to actually become Misionary. I can tell you are becoming a true Missionary and disciple of the Savior.
    Adelante con ojo de fe.
    Un abrazo fuerte

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