Oaxaca, Mexico Mission

Las Escrituras

The scriptures are amazing!  They are too good! I love the knowledge and spirit we can receive from them. The Old Testament is eye-opening; the miracles are unreal. My desire to follow Christ’s example and become more like him is strengthened every time I read the scriptures – especially the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon is the only book that Christ has said is true.  It is so vital in these the last days, in the restoration of the ten tribes, and in accessing the power of the atonement.   It has changed my life and brought me closer to my Savior.

The temple is the Lord’s house.  The temple president spoke in a conference we had and it was a powerful talk!  I want to work in the temple when I  get back.  I hope that is an option.
There was a member who took pictures of the temple recently and they are absolutely amazing!!  When I get them I will send them to you. The member attended a special session in the morning and took pictures of the temple, but didn’t look at them immediately. Later, he pulled up the pictures on his phone and noticed that there is a light coming out of the temple that seems just like the light that Lehi saw in his dream.  It is really white and is coming from all around the temple. I’ll send you the pics next week.
Love all of you – keep sharing the gospel!
Elder Moore

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