Oaxaca, Mexico Mission

Reed Reads

This week was really good — we had two baptisms and both are youth. The young man is 17 and is going to serve a mission, and the young woman is 19 and she is thinking about a mission; but I think she will go. Below is a picture of them and their parents. Their mom is going to get baptized in two weeks and her future husband works all day, so we haven’t been able to teach him yet, but we are going to find a way and the Lord will provide one.

The other picture is of me and the Oaxaca Temple President. He is awesome — I had a good talk with him after a temple session. I was super blessed to get a few minutes to talk to him in the temple and ask him a few of the 100 questions that I have. haha

I love to study. I have so many questions and I am learning a lot more and faster studying like that. I am planning on studying for a little while when I get home if that is ok with Mom and Dad if I just sit in the house and study for a little while. It’s awesome how the Lord changes our desires and habits. If you guys remember, before my mission I did not like to read at all, and now I love it. It makes me laugh when I think of how on Sundays I used to be so bored and Dad would say ,”Reed, grab a book”, and i wouldn’t. Now I would love to read all Sunday.

Hey Dad, can you do me another favor and send me the interview questions to receive the sacerdocio de melquisedec and the interview to be sealed? The temple questions helped me a lot; our ward has a problem paying tithing so the Bishop brought a list to Church and showed the Ward that there was hardly any one paying. I spoke to them and told them that, in reality, that is a list of people who can enter the temple, and a list of families that have a worthy Priesthood holder in the house. I think it woke them up a little; it was good.

Thanks for everything! Love you all!

Elder Rooners Tunners

Christopher with Converts

Christopher with Temple President


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  1. Christopher,
    You are absolutely on the right path. Studying and pondering the scriptures are keys to revelation and understanding. Some of the great revelations received by the prophets in this dispensation have come as a result of their studying and pondering the scriptures—see DYC 76: 11-20 and DYC 138:1-11.
    Keep up the great work!!!

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