Oaxaca, Mexico Mission

General Conference is the best!!! I watched all general sessions in Spanish and only the Priesthood session in English. I loved the talks. The second coming is close!

I was talking with the Stake President in between sessions and he said that in a capacitacion (training session) that an Apostle gave, he said that the younger generation is going to accept the Lord in the second coming! Wow! I love talking to people who know a lot. I asked him like 50 questions and now I understand the gospel better, especially the temple.

Conference addresses focused a lot on the second coming, obedience and marriage. I loved Elder Bednar’s talk about las cargas (burdens) and how they make us move forward. And I also loved in priesthood session when Elder Oaks said, “In the church there is no up or down, only forward and back.” And again in that session: “Just because you have a smart phone doesn’t make you smart”. I love conference.

Here is a picture of me with some other Elders. We just got done playing soccer this morning – it was super fun! And, yes, Becca – I did score a goal! But our team lost in the championship game. We also played a game of football, which I haven’t done in over a year.

Right now I want to know what I can do to be better, and I want to have a lot more questions, because the Stake President answered all of the questions I had.

Have a great week. Love you all!

Elder Christopher ‘tooners’

Christopher con su distrito


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