Oaxaca, Mexico Mission

Gospel Questions

Keith is wearing my hats! And the member of the Seventy didn’t leave time for questions at the end, so I was a little bummed. But it turned out after all because I went to get a drink of water afterward with my companion and he was in the hall, so we started to talk to him and I was able to ask one of my questions. It was really interesting how he responded. It was a good response and a good situation because it wasn’t exactly a question for a big group setting. And Dad, we are definitely going to the temple when I get back. I have some questions for you because there are some things that I don’t understand.

Right now I am reading in the Doctrine and Covenants and the New Testament. I have felt that I need to study about the Atonement, so I am going to do that more often. I like to study, but I am learning that even in my studies there are limits and even “good, better and best” studies. It’s hard for me to set limits, because I want to learn everything and know everything I can about the gospel. But, it’s hard when we don’t have it all. There are a lot of things you can pursue only to a point and that’s it. We have to be patient and wait until the Millenium – the 1,000 years of learning and work.

Keep going to the temple and reading everyday!

Love you all!

Elder Moore


Comments on: "Gospel Questions" (2)

  1. Dear Christopher, so glad you have temple questions! That is the best. The temple has the answers. They come in time. I am sure we will have questions up to and maybe even through the millennium. Grandpa and I are workers again. We started last week and it is soooooooo wonderful. I hope you could possibly be a worker for a brief period during the summer or something when your time isn’t too crowded. It is truly awesome.
    We are so glad to be back in the missionary work. We are working 4 days a week in the temple department making recommendations to the Brethren for their consideration from all the senior missionary applications that come in every week. We work with great people.
    We are on our way to the airport to see Tanner during his layover in SLC before the last leg of his trip from Hermosillo to Idaho Falls!!! He has really developed into an outstanding young man. That is what missions do for us. They keep doing it, even after your first mission.
    We love you and are so grateful for the love you have of all things good, for the Lord who is the source of them all.
    Adelante con ojo de Fe!
    Nana y Poppi

  2. Christopher,
    Felicidades!! Estas entrando en una nueva etapa de la mision. Como líder de zona tendras muchas oportunidades de servir y ayudar a otros misioneros. Es muy importante que sigas trabajando y teniendo éxito en tu propio área. Ese ejemplo de éxito en su área enseña mucho a los misioneros. Un buen ejemplo vale más que muchas palabras. Eso no quiere decir que los consejos, enseñanzas, etc. que les darás no seran importantes. No obstante teniendo éxito en tu propio área demuestra que lo que estas enseñando tiene validez.
    Tendrás más oportunidades de estar cerca al Presidente Leiva de de ser enseñado por el en un ambiente más íntimo. Favor de de darles nuestros saludos al Presidente y a la Hermana. Orar por ti y por ellos.
    Adelante con ojo de fe, mucha oración, amor, y obediencia. Milagros te esperan.
    Un abrazo de abuelito

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