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Miraculous Baptismal Service

This week was awesome! We finally had a baptism this Sábado (Saturday) in this area. It was the first one in a year and it was amazing! Below is the picture of the baptism and a picture of how we filled up the pila (baptismal font) last second.

Here’s the story … so me and my comp got to the church 30 minutes before the baptism started and the pila wasn’t filled up. It takes a good two hours to fill it up with it’s little faucet. But the pipa (water supply truck) just happened to be outside filling up the water tanks of the Church, so we went over and talked to them and asked if they could fill up the font and they did! It was a huge miracle because the pipa passes maybe once every three weeks and it just happened to be there when we showed up. It only took two minutes to fill the pila. We were super blessed this week with our baptism, and the rest of the program turned out really well.

The new Mission President arrived just a couple days ago and he is so funny and a really good guy. It was a bitter sweet exchange; it was sad to see President Leyva leave, but it’s fun to get to know another Mission President. We were the first elders the new President met outside of the Mission Offices because he came to our Church for the last hour and we sat right behind him. And it was super funny what happened.

So we were starting the class and the Bishop was doing the intro, because it was his turn to give the class, and he said, “We are going to get started with a video that lasts 50 mins.” And me and my comp just look at each other and say, “There is no way.” And, yes, we watched a full Western movie about the Mexicans killing Americans and how a little church ‘Colonia’ got caught in the middle of it and then they got saved. It was super weird because we were watching an old, black-and-white Western movie and the new President was turning around the whole time and cracking jokes, so that made it funny.

Well, those are some things that happened this week. Love you all! Keep reading every day!

Elder Rooners

Christopher with Miracle Pila Baptism

Pipa filling up pila

Christopher con Pdte Leyva


Adios, Presidente Leyva!

This week has been fun and full of a lot of stuff.

President Leyva said his good byes to the Mission and we had our last multi-zona (multi-zone conference) with him. It was a meeting full of tears and the Spirit was super strong. I loved to see what he had done for three years and the service he has given and to see him at the end was amazing. At the same time, I am really excited for the new change of the Mission President; it is going to be a bitter sweet experience.

Also this Sabado (Saturday) we are going to have our first baptism – I am super excited!!!!! This area and the Ward has not had a baptism for a whole year! This area is way over due. We have baptisms planned for the next four weeks so we will see how that goes.

We went to Monte Alban today and it was really fun! We took some cool picks and it was really green there. It is always a way cool experience to go there.

The work here is picking up and it is great! Love you all! Keep going to the temple.

Elder Moore

Chistopher con folletos y tarjetas

Christopher in Monte Alban

Work Hard / Play Hard

Dad, that sounds like you had a blast with the paintball guns and the water skiing.

While you were doing that we were here with a bucket of water and some ketchup … my comp and I got home one night and decided to surprise attack the other two missionaries that live with us. So we went up on the roof and when they walked in the door we unloaded a bucket of water and a whole ketchup bottle on them! Below is a picture of one of them that we got; he’s the one who cut my hair – it was pretty fun!

Is Keith dating that girl from Mexico? That is cool that Becca is working in the MTC. And Keith would still be growing.

This week we found an awesome family. The daughter is 16 and her name is Yana. She’s committed to be baptized in two weeks! She is so smart and it is amazing how the Lord has prepared her for this moment. We are receiving many miracles here right now, and it is amazing. We are finding a lot of people to teach and we are seeing the work advance.

Love you all!

Elder Roo

Christopher - Catsup Prank

Haircuts, Eats & Puddles

Here are all the pics you asked for. One is of me getting my hair cut by an Elder I live with, and the other is for you, Mom. Yes, that is our refrigerator, and the bottom two shelves are packed with fruit and veggies. The Greek yogurt up top is mine too. Along with the three boxes of La La light milk out of the fridge, I have oats, peanut butter (super expensive) and a loaf of whole wheat double fiber bread.

In the morning I make an ‘earth and dirt’ smoothie. I put in an apple, banana, carrots, spinach, milk, peanut butter, Greek yogurt – and it tastes amazing! Then I eat that with 2 pieces of bread. I buy boxes of egg whites, and when I feel like cooking them I eat them with pico de gallo. And if i don’t have time I throw in the raw egg whites with my big smoothie. So, there is the food report, Mom. Hope you like it!

The last pic is of the people I am living with. In this photo we operated on Elder Cameron’s toe because he had an ingrown toenail. Elder Cameron is the one that doesn’t look super excited. My comp is the one with glasses.

This week we found a lot of investigators, which is what we needed! This area is a little hard because it is small and the people here are a little hard. This area hasn’t had a baptism for a year! That is way too much time. But we are going to change that this last change (transfer). We were going to have a baptism this Saturday, but it fell through; it was sad. It turns out the man didn’t want to stop drinking cafe (coffee) and just got tired of listening. When he said that it was like … well, duh – you haven’t been to Church for two weeks and haven’t read or prayed either! It was frustrating but we were blessed to find more people who are ready to hear the gospel.

All in all it was a good week. It rained every day this week too, and every day I got wet. One day I was really wet and every cita (appointment) fell through. I saw a big puddle of water draining downhill and I just went over and laid down in it. It was cold and felt really good. The only bad thing was the water was the color of the water in the Narrows – really brown. But I rinsed of with some clean water in another area. That was part of my week – love you all!

Elder Moore

Christopher - haircut

Christopher - Refligerator

Christopher with companion and ingrown toenail

Golden Families & A Pretty Good Cut

Sorry about last week – I didn’t have any time so I went and sent something super short. And sorry but today will be pretty short. That sounds like it was super fun jumping in that freezing water. We didn’t have any gas to heat the water this morning so I jumped in some cold water too!

My new comp is awesome! We are working and having way too much fun. But don’t worry – we are working hard. We went the other day with a member and he took us to two families and they are really prepared. They accepted our invitation to be baptized during the first lesson and are reading the Book of Mormon. And our ward mission leader is a returned missionary, so he knows what he is doing which is really nice.

I just got my hair cut from a missionary who lives with us. He had cut hair three times before in his life and did a practice job on my comp and messed up. But I just let him cut my hair because it was free and it turned out pretty good, which was surprising.

The work here is doing great. I love you all. Keep going to the temple and reading your scriptures.

Elder Moore

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