Oaxaca, Mexico Mission

Sorry about last week – I didn’t have any time so I went and sent something super short. And sorry but today will be pretty short. That sounds like it was super fun jumping in that freezing water. We didn’t have any gas to heat the water this morning so I jumped in some cold water too!

My new comp is awesome! We are working and having way too much fun. But don’t worry – we are working hard. We went the other day with a member and he took us to two families and they are really prepared. They accepted our invitation to be baptized during the first lesson and are reading the Book of Mormon. And our ward mission leader is a returned missionary, so he knows what he is doing which is really nice.

I just got my hair cut from a missionary who lives with us. He had cut hair three times before in his life and did a practice job on my comp and messed up. But I just let him cut my hair because it was free and it turned out pretty good, which was surprising.

The work here is doing great. I love you all. Keep going to the temple and reading your scriptures.

Elder Moore


Comments on: "Golden Families & A Pretty Good Cut" (1)

  1. Dear Christopher, Elder Moore,
    We’re not worried about you having too much fun. Man is that he might have joy. The fun you speak of is a result of obedience, hard work and diligence. We are having the same kind of fun and my companion is the best! And I don’t ever have to have a transfer. It is absolutely wonderful. When you graduate from this mission which you are doing with honors another awaits you, and another, and another. Father has one course of learning after another awaiting you. We are so thrilled that the ward you are in right now has a RM that knows his business, the business of the Lord, and is on fire. How awesome that a member introduced you to two prepared families. What a member this must be. The relationship of trust already exists so that they can make commitments with the Lord to further their progress.
    We are working our little heads off. It is a great time. The Lord is teaching me more than ever before that by small and simple things great things come to pass. If something is important to you and it is important to the Lord just take some time each day to do something about it. The results after great attention to small details is astounding!

    Poppi’s knee is back. He has great strength and it is growing every day. We take a good walk every afternoon after lunch which allows us to maintain along with a desk job where mind and spirit are stimulated.

    So happy you are 100% engaged in the work. You were before you left as well. Be nice to yourself. You, like me, can put too much pressure on yourself and not pay enough attention to the grace of God to make all things possible. That’s OK. We can learn!

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