Oaxaca, Mexico Mission

Here are all the pics you asked for. One is of me getting my hair cut by an Elder I live with, and the other is for you, Mom. Yes, that is our refrigerator, and the bottom two shelves are packed with fruit and veggies. The Greek yogurt up top is mine too. Along with the three boxes of La La light milk out of the fridge, I have oats, peanut butter (super expensive) and a loaf of whole wheat double fiber bread.

In the morning I make an ‘earth and dirt’ smoothie. I put in an apple, banana, carrots, spinach, milk, peanut butter, Greek yogurt – and it tastes amazing! Then I eat that with 2 pieces of bread. I buy boxes of egg whites, and when I feel like cooking them I eat them with pico de gallo. And if i don’t have time I throw in the raw egg whites with my big smoothie. So, there is the food report, Mom. Hope you like it!

The last pic is of the people I am living with. In this photo we operated on Elder Cameron’s toe because he had an ingrown toenail. Elder Cameron is the one that doesn’t look super excited. My comp is the one with glasses.

This week we found a lot of investigators, which is what we needed! This area is a little hard because it is small and the people here are a little hard. This area hasn’t had a baptism for a year! That is way too much time. But we are going to change that this last change (transfer). We were going to have a baptism this Saturday, but it fell through; it was sad. It turns out the man didn’t want to stop drinking cafe (coffee) and just got tired of listening. When he said that it was like … well, duh – you haven’t been to Church for two weeks and haven’t read or prayed either! It was frustrating but we were blessed to find more people who are ready to hear the gospel.

All in all it was a good week. It rained every day this week too, and every day I got wet. One day I was really wet and every cita (appointment) fell through. I saw a big puddle of water draining downhill and I just went over and laid down in it. It was cold and felt really good. The only bad thing was the water was the color of the water in the Narrows – really brown. But I rinsed of with some clean water in another area. That was part of my week – love you all!

Elder Moore

Christopher - haircut

Christopher - Refligerator

Christopher with companion and ingrown toenail


Comments on: "Haircuts, Eats & Puddles" (1)

  1. Dear Chris,
    Sure wish I was there. I’d love to practice my ingrown toenail extraction surgery on any willing elders. We did lots in our mission. We could buy the super fine needles and syringes, novacaine, bandages and antibiotic ointment from the local drug store. Then after numbing the infected area we would make a cut along the side of the toenail about a quarter of an inch from the edge, cut from top of the nail down to the nail bed and then with fine needle nosed pliars, secure the top of the cut portion, twist and pull out at the root. There were always onlookers as it was prime entertainment after zone conferences.
    Since you know prevention is better than the cure, one of the things we shared at the new missionary orientation was the wisdom of cutting the toe nail in a “V” formation with a little divit towards the center and higher on the corners so that the pressure of walking would allow it to give in the middle and the longer sides avoided the possibility of an ingrown toe nail.
    Now, that was just what you wanted to hear, right! Take care of the body so it can serve the Spirit, like what you are doing with all those yummy veggies! That way when the Soirit is willing the flesh won’t be weak!
    Keep the fire of the covenant burning! It is a glorious thing. As Hugh Nibley was fond of saying after quoting Moses 1:39, the glory is in the work?
    We XOX you forever Moore, Nana and Poppi

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