Oaxaca, Mexico Mission

Work Hard / Play Hard

Dad, that sounds like you had a blast with the paintball guns and the water skiing.

While you were doing that we were here with a bucket of water and some ketchup … my comp and I got home one night and decided to surprise attack the other two missionaries that live with us. So we went up on the roof and when they walked in the door we unloaded a bucket of water and a whole ketchup bottle on them! Below is a picture of one of them that we got; he’s the one who cut my hair – it was pretty fun!

Is Keith dating that girl from Mexico? That is cool that Becca is working in the MTC. And Keith would still be growing.

This week we found an awesome family. The daughter is 16 and her name is Yana. She’s committed to be baptized in two weeks! She is so smart and it is amazing how the Lord has prepared her for this moment. We are receiving many miracles here right now, and it is amazing. We are finding a lot of people to teach and we are seeing the work advance.

Love you all!

Elder Roo

Christopher - Catsup Prank


Comments on: "Work Hard / Play Hard" (1)

  1. You are receiving many miracles! That is an indicator of much faith for the Lord worketh miracles according to the faith of the children of men. I love a statement Hugh nibley made often when speaking of the work and the glory of the Lord to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. He said, the glory is in the work! Tis true. Faith is unto works. Faith without works is dead and there is sure no glory in faith without works. Keep it coming. We pray for you by name morning and night, Christopher. You are one of his strippling warriors.We love you!!! Nana and Poppi

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