Oaxaca, Mexico Mission

This week was awesome! We finally had a baptism this Sábado (Saturday) in this area. It was the first one in a year and it was amazing! Below is the picture of the baptism and a picture of how we filled up the pila (baptismal font) last second.

Here’s the story … so me and my comp got to the church 30 minutes before the baptism started and the pila wasn’t filled up. It takes a good two hours to fill it up with it’s little faucet. But the pipa (water supply truck) just happened to be outside filling up the water tanks of the Church, so we went over and talked to them and asked if they could fill up the font and they did! It was a huge miracle because the pipa passes maybe once every three weeks and it just happened to be there when we showed up. It only took two minutes to fill the pila. We were super blessed this week with our baptism, and the rest of the program turned out really well.

The new Mission President arrived just a couple days ago and he is so funny and a really good guy. It was a bitter sweet exchange; it was sad to see President Leyva leave, but it’s fun to get to know another Mission President. We were the first elders the new President met outside of the Mission Offices because he came to our Church for the last hour and we sat right behind him. And it was super funny what happened.

So we were starting the class and the Bishop was doing the intro, because it was his turn to give the class, and he said, “We are going to get started with a video that lasts 50 mins.” And me and my comp just look at each other and say, “There is no way.” And, yes, we watched a full Western movie about the Mexicans killing Americans and how a little church ‘Colonia’ got caught in the middle of it and then they got saved. It was super weird because we were watching an old, black-and-white Western movie and the new President was turning around the whole time and cracking jokes, so that made it funny.

Well, those are some things that happened this week. Love you all! Keep reading every day!

Elder Rooners

Christopher with Miracle Pila Baptism

Pipa filling up pila

Christopher con Pdte Leyva


Comments on: "Miraculous Baptismal Service" (1)

  1. Christopher,

    In addition to the spiritual highs, missions are full of weird experiences. I’m glad you’re not getting shortchanged … an old western movie in church, with your new mission president there! That’s rich! I had a good chuckle.

    Keep up the great work and know of our love and support!

    Un abrazo,


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