Oaxaca, Mexico Mission

Seeking Balance

Well today was changes (transfers) and me and my comp are staying together! Its going to be a great change (transfer) – we are going to work hard and play hard! Below is a picture of the area and the buildings we were in.

This week we had a good experience with the mother of the girl who just got baptized. She is really firm in her beliefs and doesn’t want to change, but she really supports her children. We taught a lesson with all three of them and the mom said the Church was true and finally told us why she is going to the other one; it is only because she wants to help and support her family.  We told her that was good, but her salvacion (salvation) is more important and she needs to make a decision, so we invited her to be baptized after that.  She didn’t commit one way or another.  It wasn’t the answer we wanted, but at least she didn’t say no, which is progress. I give her two more weeks until she commits to be baptized.  Her name is Virginia. 

The new President is awesome! He is so funny!  We had our meeting with him and the Stake President and he was just cracking jokes the whole time. But what made it even better was that the Stake President didn’t really get his sense of humor. so me and my comp were laughing and the Stake President was a little confused. It was probably one of those things where you had to be there. 
Right now i am really trying to balance my life out and do everything to my best ability. With me, when I get into something I really get into it, so when I want to study the gospel I really study it, or when I want to study Spanish I really get into it.  And that’s how I am, but I am trying to find that balance right now.
It sounds like our family is all over the place right now. I hope everyone is happy and enjoying life. Keep up the work!
Love you all,
Elder Moore 
Christopher in Oaxaca

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