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Serving Seaside in Huatulco

That’s cool that you all went to the Narrows this week. I love my new area. I am back to ‘sweat city’, but it is really beautiful here and green. There are also world-class beaches.  Below are pictures of some I have seen in my new area. I am in Huatulco – my area is right on the beach. It is a really nice set up. In Huatulco here are really nice beaches with giant mansions.  Then you walk inland 15 minutes and you get the humble part where there is a lot of success.

My new companion is from Alpine, Utah.  Below is a picture of him. I am still  zone leader and we are going to have our junta de zona (Zone Conference) this Thursday, and next Monday we are going to go play some beach volleyball!

We had a really good lesson this week with an investigator that is progressing and will soon be baptized.  We talked about the restoration, and the other lesson was on the Book of Mormon.  She felt the spirit really strong and I loved that lesson. When people understand the doctrine you teach, that is the best feeling ever. While you are in it and experiencing it, you wouldn’t want to be any other place in the world.

Love you all and keep reading and going to the temple! I hope you like all the pics. The pictures are of what we did on p-day, and there is one of what i ate for lunch (lobster) and another one is with my companion on a rainy day when it was feeling good and an Hermana (Sister) gave us hot chocolate with pan (bread). After that i was sweating.  
Elder Moore 
Christopher by Cactus Christopher with Langosta Christopher with Pan y Coco Christopher at Playa 2 Christopher at Playa

A la Costa

Well there were changes (transfers) this week and I am leaving the city and going to the coast! I am pretty excited. it is a big tourist place and it is the nicest place in Oaxaca – at least that’s what they say. So I have a 9 hour bus ride waiting for me tomorrow with some really cool views.

Below is a picture of me and Oaxaca in the background, and another one with two Elders that found root beer in Oaxaca and we enjoyed drinking it. That was my first one in 18 months and it was really good.

Well, President is doing some big changes to the Mission and it is really fun to be here right now to see how different all of the changes are. I don’t have much time because of transfers, but I love you all – keep going to the temple. 


Elder Moore

Christopher overlooking Oaxaca Christopher with A and W

Preaching the Restoration

This week was good. We had a really good lesson in Church today. Our ward mission leader couldn’t make it to teach the class, so we did. We had some new investigators in Church so we taught about the restauracion (restoration) and it was super powerful.  I love teaching that lesson because anyone who has a somewhat working mind will want to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet. I just love the build up to the restauracion.  It is really good because all the investigators want to know what happened after the great apostasy.  Then you give the First Vision and present the Book of Mormon and it is good stuff. 

We had a little fiesta in the house because cumplimos (I hit) 18 months and another elder cumplio un año (hit his year mark). So we bought cake and we were all excited to eat it. It was supposed to be cheese cake but it turned out to be some nasty cake. So then one thing led to another and we were all covered in cake for a little bit, then we cleaned it up. But it was fun and reminded me of when we were at Carp and put that piece of cake in Dad’s face – good times. 
Well, I love all of you and hope you keep going to the temple and reading.
Elder Moore 


Sorry about the email last week – I don’t know what happened to it. For a summary (pictures below), we went to the Gilagetza – a big festival they have here and that’s about 4 hours of dancing so that was a cool experience to see more of Oaxaca. 

This week was an interesting start. I was sleeping Tuesday morning and I woke up to my bed moving; it was an earthquake. Right when I woke up I ran outside the house and down the stairs and the other missionaries that live with us also got out.  We all ran into the street and once we there the shaking stopped.  It was crazy –  I thought it wouldn’t stop and it was going to take the house down, but everything was ok. 
Work wise we had a better week.  We are seeing progress in our area and with the investigators coming to Church. We had more investigators in Church this week than we have in the past three transfers, so that was really exciting. The members got really pumped when they saw everyone there, so that was a good feeling. 
Here (in one of the pictures below) is a fruit that I ate. It looks super weird, but is really good and juicy. It looks like it came out of the sea or something, but they were good. The other picture is of sugar cane with chile and lime that was also good. I also ate some sushi too! There was a restaurant that sells sushi, and I couldn’t resist, so i had to go in and order a roll. It was only 74 pesos – super cheap; se llama ‘Philadelphia Special’ and it was good – I liked it.
Well this week I start with the 4th quarter and I like the progress I can see and the goals I have set. It’s going to be fun. And I hope you can solve the whole social thing with the late night talks – those are always good.
Love you all!
Elder Moore
Christopher in front of cathedral Christopher - panoramic  Unknown fruitSugarcane with chile and lime

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