Oaxaca, Mexico Mission


Sorry about the email last week – I don’t know what happened to it. For a summary (pictures below), we went to the Gilagetza – a big festival they have here and that’s about 4 hours of dancing so that was a cool experience to see more of Oaxaca. 

This week was an interesting start. I was sleeping Tuesday morning and I woke up to my bed moving; it was an earthquake. Right when I woke up I ran outside the house and down the stairs and the other missionaries that live with us also got out.  We all ran into the street and once we there the shaking stopped.  It was crazy –  I thought it wouldn’t stop and it was going to take the house down, but everything was ok. 
Work wise we had a better week.  We are seeing progress in our area and with the investigators coming to Church. We had more investigators in Church this week than we have in the past three transfers, so that was really exciting. The members got really pumped when they saw everyone there, so that was a good feeling. 
Here (in one of the pictures below) is a fruit that I ate. It looks super weird, but is really good and juicy. It looks like it came out of the sea or something, but they were good. The other picture is of sugar cane with chile and lime that was also good. I also ate some sushi too! There was a restaurant that sells sushi, and I couldn’t resist, so i had to go in and order a roll. It was only 74 pesos – super cheap; se llama ‘Philadelphia Special’ and it was good – I liked it.
Well this week I start with the 4th quarter and I like the progress I can see and the goals I have set. It’s going to be fun. And I hope you can solve the whole social thing with the late night talks – those are always good.
Love you all!
Elder Moore
Christopher in front of cathedral Christopher - panoramic  Unknown fruitSugarcane with chile and lime

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  1. Felicitaciones, Elder Christopher! El tener mas investigadores en la reunion sacramental es un logro bastante maravilloso! Es una respuesta a nuestras oraciones, tambien. Oramos a favor de us contactos, las personas que da oido a su mensage. Excelente. Gracias por darnos a conocer del exito. Success breeds success. The Ward will really respond as they see this happening. It is also a good sign that you are on target and right with the Lord.
    We went to the open house of the newly remodeled Ogden Utah Temple yesterday at 5:00. there were 57 of the family there, including all the Idaho families, even Kathryn and Mitchael. It was wonderful!!! We had dinner the night before with Ashton and Hunter and all of Dan’s family. It was amazing. The spirit of the Lord is really working on Ashton. We had one of the best gospel conversations I have had with anyone around the table with two returned missionaries and a high school sophomore, Atalie, Tanner and Taylor. He came to the open house yesterday. We set up lunch appointments for every week here in the church office building as well. The most important things is he accepted a challenge to study the Book of Mormon. He is keeping a study journal of things he reads. He is a deep thinker and a voracious reader. Vamos a ver pero pienso que el tiempo nos acerca!
    We are working hard. It brings such rewards. It is FHE and we are on our way home now but Happy Family Home Evening to you.
    Love forever Moore, Nana and Poppi

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