Oaxaca, Mexico Mission

Preaching the Restoration

This week was good. We had a really good lesson in Church today. Our ward mission leader couldn’t make it to teach the class, so we did. We had some new investigators in Church so we taught about the restauracion (restoration) and it was super powerful.  I love teaching that lesson because anyone who has a somewhat working mind will want to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet. I just love the build up to the restauracion.  It is really good because all the investigators want to know what happened after the great apostasy.  Then you give the First Vision and present the Book of Mormon and it is good stuff. 

We had a little fiesta in the house because cumplimos (I hit) 18 months and another elder cumplio un año (hit his year mark). So we bought cake and we were all excited to eat it. It was supposed to be cheese cake but it turned out to be some nasty cake. So then one thing led to another and we were all covered in cake for a little bit, then we cleaned it up. But it was fun and reminded me of when we were at Carp and put that piece of cake in Dad’s face – good times. 
Well, I love all of you and hope you keep going to the temple and reading.
Elder Moore 

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  1. I love hearing about the lesson on the restoration. It makes such amazing sense. Heavenly Father is quick to give us whatever we need when we ask for it. There was a general apostasy and a real restoration. There are also individual apostasies and individual restorations if you will, as we bring ourselves back to what has been restored. With that in mind, we have been meeting with Ashton every Tuesday for lunch and amazing conversation. The Lord is tutoring him. We shall see when and how quickly he moves but the Lord is moving him and he is moving. He has a great mind. As we had a conversation the night before the Ogden house with Taylor, Atalie and Tanner, Taylor said afterwards, “Wow, he is learning about the church outside the church.” I knew you would be pleased to hear that. Our prayers are with you and with each one of you.
    We are working like crazy. It is the greatest work. And we are in the temple one day a week, in the temple department four days and in the Book of Mormon every day. It is awesome!
    We love you and are so excited with what the Lord is doing with you and with what you are doing with your investigators and companions right now.
    Our love eternal, forever Moore,
    Nana and Poppi

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