Oaxaca, Mexico Mission

That’s cool that you all went to the Narrows this week. I love my new area. I am back to ‘sweat city’, but it is really beautiful here and green. There are also world-class beaches.  Below are pictures of some I have seen in my new area. I am in Huatulco – my area is right on the beach. It is a really nice set up. In Huatulco here are really nice beaches with giant mansions.  Then you walk inland 15 minutes and you get the humble part where there is a lot of success.

My new companion is from Alpine, Utah.  Below is a picture of him. I am still  zone leader and we are going to have our junta de zona (Zone Conference) this Thursday, and next Monday we are going to go play some beach volleyball!

We had a really good lesson this week with an investigator that is progressing and will soon be baptized.  We talked about the restoration, and the other lesson was on the Book of Mormon.  She felt the spirit really strong and I loved that lesson. When people understand the doctrine you teach, that is the best feeling ever. While you are in it and experiencing it, you wouldn’t want to be any other place in the world.

Love you all and keep reading and going to the temple! I hope you like all the pics. The pictures are of what we did on p-day, and there is one of what i ate for lunch (lobster) and another one is with my companion on a rainy day when it was feeling good and an Hermana (Sister) gave us hot chocolate with pan (bread). After that i was sweating.  
Elder Moore 
Christopher by Cactus Christopher with Langosta Christopher with Pan y Coco Christopher at Playa 2 Christopher at Playa

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  1. Querido Elder Christopher,

    It is so good to hear from you. What a beautiful place you are living in. Blessings are upon you. President Lee said our biggest challenge is being obedient when we are so blessed. We all experience that. Imagine, lobster for lunch!
    We share your sentiment, the best feeling is when you are teaching the truth and the Holy Ghost accompanies what is said and heard so that understanding is felt on both sides. Have you noticed how your understanding increases as you teach and the Spirit teaches you. It is such an expansive experience. We can have those experiences when we are studying as well but the most powerful comes as we explain.
    Guess what, the entire family of our children and their spouses will be in the temple THIS Friday. We are all so excited. It is amazing. This usually only happens when one of them is being sealed. The focus will be on the temple entirely and the joy of a Forever Moore family. We will be doing sealings, the supreme ordinance, and Grandpa will be the officiator and sealer. We hope it is the first of many such experiences.
    Poppi and I are celebrating 50 years of marriage and these amazing children and grandchildren of ours are going out of their way to honor those 50 years. What an amazing thing this will be. We are so humbled by it.
    Keep teaching, testifying, living, exemplifying. Let your faith show always. I will always remember the amazing conversations we have shared because of the Spirit that brought it to my heart and soul.
    We love you.
    Nana and Poppi

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