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Turtle Eggs

Well, yesterday we received changes (transfer notifications) and my comp and I are staying together for at least another change (transfer) in Huatulco!!!  I am really excited to be here another change with my comp.  The Mission President told us the changes of almost the whole zone while we were talking before our District Conference. I was asking him how he was called and how he felt about being a Mission President, and it is a funny story.  But after that Sunday morning he told us we were staying and about some other people in the zone, so that was fun.

We just had a District Conference and on Saturday; we had some investigators go to the session and the talks were really powerful. There is couple that is working in the Oaxaca Temple and they came to speak.  They shared that they worked in the Salt Lake Temple for five years (el Hno. se llama Brother Norman). They shared with us their testimony on the temple and the Savior, and the investigators loved it!  They want to go to the temple. I do too, but I am going to patiently wait maybe six more months until I can go again. Keep reading and going to the temple.
Love you all,
Elder Moore
Here is a pic of us eating turtle eggs with a family in the branch:
Christopher with Turtle Eggs in Huatulco

La Zona Huatulco

This week was tough, but we had a good experience at our baptism. A joven (young man) got baptized and it was a really spiritual experience.  An investigator that was there felt the Spirit really strong and wanted to get baptized, but she can’t right now because she still needs to get MARRIED!!! so that’s a problem with her. She wants to get married, but they don’t have enough money right now, so they are waiting for that.  We would help them out as a Ward, but there have been situations in the past with others.

This past week with my studies has been amazing!  I am reading the Book of Mormon right now and am learning a ton. Each time I have read it I feel the power and love God has for us. I can also feel a desire to hurry and find all of His chosen children. I love the Savior and am very grateful for what he has done for me.

It is crazy how Becca is going to BYU football games and she loves them – that’s amazing! Today has been a little busy; we just had a zone activity where we got a tour of all of Huatulco. A member who does that for a living gave us a tour for free. Below are two pictures of the missionaries serving in our zone here in Hautulco. Also, we have to move from one house to another today. My comp and I found a new and better house, so we are going to move today.  Well, I’ve got to go – I have lots of lifting to do!
Elder Moore
Zona Huatulco Zona Huatulco 2

Tlayudas y Chapulines

Tlayudas y Chapulines (grasshoppers) are the two foods everyone in Oaxaca eats (see photos below). They are like the two main food groups. If you don’t eat a Chapuline while you are here, they say you have never been to Oaxaca. So when the family comes here, you all have to eat Chapulines . Also, I don’t know if I have told you what a Tlayuda is: they are big tortillas that you fill up with fat, cheese, meat, lettuce, onion, salsa and limon (lime) and they are big! They can also get a little messy from all the grease and salsa (see picture). I polished off three bowls of salsa while I ate a Tlayuda and a half, and the locals were pretty impressed that a white guy could eat that much salsa.

This week my companion and I had an amazing experience at the beginning of the week.  We were just walking in the street and felt like there was something off in the zone.  We didn’t know what, but we just felt something was off, so we started to think of our day to see if we did something we shouldn’t  have, and we went through every action and lesson.  We had felt the spirit in the lessons and it was a good day, but we both felt a little off about something. So we kept talking and talked about everyone in the zone to see if they were all doing what they should be doing. After that we kept feeling this weird feeling and we didn’t know why. We both decided to get a snack, because we were hungry, then take it to the church and pray about it. so we went to the Church and knelt down to pray, and we asked what it was that we needed to do and to know how we needed to act. Then we ended the prayer and kept talking about what we felt.  We decided to pray specifically about an Elder in the zone, so we did and we didn’t really feel anything. Then an Hermana (Sister) in the zone came to mind for both of us, so we prayed about her and we felt like it was her and that she needed help.

We ended the prayer and a market place were we ate at with some members in their area came to my mind.  I felt like we needed to go there, so I mentioned that to my companion and he felt the same thing. We started to go to the market and then started to run and got to the market place in Sisters’ area and looked around and in the market place, but we couldn’t see why we needed to be there. So we called the Hermanas and asked them where they were, and the Sister that answered told us that her companion just barely lost her strength and had a huge headache and was on the curb crying, and she didn’t know what to do.

So it turned out they were right by the market place; we ran over there and got them in a taxi and back to their house. We sent them to their house, then ran there and called our Mission President.  He told us to keep acting on what we feel and keep him updated, so that’s what we did. We gave the Hermana a Priesthood blessing, then sent her right to the hospital, and now she is ok. I’ll fill you in on all the details in five months, but it was an amazing experience with the Spirit and to experience how God worked through both me and my comp to help one of his daughters and to get her help from the Priesthood as soon as possible. It is the best feeling to recieve a prompting and then act on it.

Pay close attention to the promptings of the spirit and live in such a way where you can recieve them any time or place.

Love you all!!

Elder Moore
Christopher comiendo Chapulines Christopher comiendo Talyudas

Big Stuff in H3

  Well we had some big stuff happen this week!! We had an investigator go to Church for the first time and he loved it, so that was a big miracle!  We had a member pass by for him and on our way to church we felt like we needed to go stop by and see how he was, so we did and he went! It was really exciting seeing him there. 

  Also, we are teaching a joven (youth / teenager) who is 16 years old and he is really ready.  He has been listening to the missionaries for a while, but his parents won’t give him permission to be baptized because they want him to know the Church more.  But this past Sunday he came to Church, bore his testimony to the ward and it was really good!  During the week we felt like we needed to talk to his parents again to see what they think so we went by and talked to them and they gave their son permission to be baptized!   So that is really exciting. 
   In the pictures below is a member in the ward who makes these things called llaveros (key chains) that hold your keys and all the missionaries who have been in this area have them, so there is a picture of him holding a llavero. His name is Pepe.   Also, there is a picture of me enjoying the beach the best I can while I am a missionary, playing some beach volleyball on p-day. The whole zone played, loved the activity and everyone got burned really good! 
  And here is one of me in H3 – the poor part of our area where we have a lot of success. This is the heart of H3 where the power lines go out in every direction to all the houses of lamina (plywood?) that people have built. And the other picture is of an order of ‘tacos de suadero’ that had a little extra protein (black spot in the middle).
  Love you guys and thanks for all your prayers!!  Keep going to the temple and take advantage of that huge blessing you all have. I can’t even go, and the members here only go once a month; it’s a nine hour trip on a bus!  So count your blessings. 
Elder Moore
Pepe con llavero   Zone Activity on Pday Beach Volleyball Pday ActivityHuatulco BeachH3 Power CentralTacos de suadero con proteina

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