Oaxaca, Mexico Mission

Big Stuff in H3

  Well we had some big stuff happen this week!! We had an investigator go to Church for the first time and he loved it, so that was a big miracle!  We had a member pass by for him and on our way to church we felt like we needed to go stop by and see how he was, so we did and he went! It was really exciting seeing him there. 

  Also, we are teaching a joven (youth / teenager) who is 16 years old and he is really ready.  He has been listening to the missionaries for a while, but his parents won’t give him permission to be baptized because they want him to know the Church more.  But this past Sunday he came to Church, bore his testimony to the ward and it was really good!  During the week we felt like we needed to talk to his parents again to see what they think so we went by and talked to them and they gave their son permission to be baptized!   So that is really exciting. 
   In the pictures below is a member in the ward who makes these things called llaveros (key chains) that hold your keys and all the missionaries who have been in this area have them, so there is a picture of him holding a llavero. His name is Pepe.   Also, there is a picture of me enjoying the beach the best I can while I am a missionary, playing some beach volleyball on p-day. The whole zone played, loved the activity and everyone got burned really good! 
  And here is one of me in H3 – the poor part of our area where we have a lot of success. This is the heart of H3 where the power lines go out in every direction to all the houses of lamina (plywood?) that people have built. And the other picture is of an order of ‘tacos de suadero’ that had a little extra protein (black spot in the middle).
  Love you guys and thanks for all your prayers!!  Keep going to the temple and take advantage of that huge blessing you all have. I can’t even go, and the members here only go once a month; it’s a nine hour trip on a bus!  So count your blessings. 
Elder Moore
Pepe con llavero   Zone Activity on Pday Beach Volleyball Pday ActivityHuatulco BeachH3 Power CentralTacos de suadero con proteina

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