Oaxaca, Mexico Mission

Tlayudas y Chapulines

Tlayudas y Chapulines (grasshoppers) are the two foods everyone in Oaxaca eats (see photos below). They are like the two main food groups. If you don’t eat a Chapuline while you are here, they say you have never been to Oaxaca. So when the family comes here, you all have to eat Chapulines . Also, I don’t know if I have told you what a Tlayuda is: they are big tortillas that you fill up with fat, cheese, meat, lettuce, onion, salsa and limon (lime) and they are big! They can also get a little messy from all the grease and salsa (see picture). I polished off three bowls of salsa while I ate a Tlayuda and a half, and the locals were pretty impressed that a white guy could eat that much salsa.

This week my companion and I had an amazing experience at the beginning of the week.  We were just walking in the street and felt like there was something off in the zone.  We didn’t know what, but we just felt something was off, so we started to think of our day to see if we did something we shouldn’t  have, and we went through every action and lesson.  We had felt the spirit in the lessons and it was a good day, but we both felt a little off about something. So we kept talking and talked about everyone in the zone to see if they were all doing what they should be doing. After that we kept feeling this weird feeling and we didn’t know why. We both decided to get a snack, because we were hungry, then take it to the church and pray about it. so we went to the Church and knelt down to pray, and we asked what it was that we needed to do and to know how we needed to act. Then we ended the prayer and kept talking about what we felt.  We decided to pray specifically about an Elder in the zone, so we did and we didn’t really feel anything. Then an Hermana (Sister) in the zone came to mind for both of us, so we prayed about her and we felt like it was her and that she needed help.

We ended the prayer and a market place were we ate at with some members in their area came to my mind.  I felt like we needed to go there, so I mentioned that to my companion and he felt the same thing. We started to go to the market and then started to run and got to the market place in Sisters’ area and looked around and in the market place, but we couldn’t see why we needed to be there. So we called the Hermanas and asked them where they were, and the Sister that answered told us that her companion just barely lost her strength and had a huge headache and was on the curb crying, and she didn’t know what to do.

So it turned out they were right by the market place; we ran over there and got them in a taxi and back to their house. We sent them to their house, then ran there and called our Mission President.  He told us to keep acting on what we feel and keep him updated, so that’s what we did. We gave the Hermana a Priesthood blessing, then sent her right to the hospital, and now she is ok. I’ll fill you in on all the details in five months, but it was an amazing experience with the Spirit and to experience how God worked through both me and my comp to help one of his daughters and to get her help from the Priesthood as soon as possible. It is the best feeling to recieve a prompting and then act on it.

Pay close attention to the promptings of the spirit and live in such a way where you can recieve them any time or place.

Love you all!!

Elder Moore
Christopher comiendo Chapulines Christopher comiendo Talyudas

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  1. Dear Christopher, Elder Moore,

    Great experience. Thank you for sharing it. You thought GPS was something. The Spirit beats it hands down. You have to tell the GPS where to go. The Spirit tells you. Awesome. Thanks.
    We are doing all we can to be instruments in the Lord’s hands. We had a wonderful time with your mom, dad, Rachael and a few minutes with Mirs, Becca and Keith on Saturday. They are so great. I think you know that. Family is everything and it is what the gospel is about. Father is trying to bring his children home to him. That is what you’re doing. That is what we’re all about.
    Our mission requires constant guidance by the Spirit. That is not a surprise. Life requires it. When you think of the gifts of the Spirit they are all the things we want in life.
    Just know we pray for you daily. The gospel is true. Prayer, obedience and scripture study really do work. The temple dedication at Ogden was amazing yesterday. President Eyring spoke and gave the dedicatory prayer. Several leaders added their inspired comments. Elder Holland shared an amazing experience to prove a very important point. When he was serving as area president in England it was time for his son, David, to receive his endowments prior to his mission. The London temple, the only temple in England at the time, was closed. President Holland couldn’t leave the area as President. David flew with his mother to St. George where their family is from and Elder Holland’s father took him through the temple. At the exact time that David was going through the temple Elder Holland was home and said he may have had the best temple experience he has ever had. He took himself to the temple and thought about all that was happening to his son. He had an amazing experience. The temple is powerful because of how it affects us outside of the temple. The endowment of power is exercised in our every day lives.
    Ben went through the temple while we were serving in Argentina. We had a similar experience.
    Enjoy the peace, love, joy and power of the Spirit outside of the Temple. You are endowed with that power. Use it. We are so proud of you for doing so.
    Nana and Poppi

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