Oaxaca, Mexico Mission

La Zona Huatulco

This week was tough, but we had a good experience at our baptism. A joven (young man) got baptized and it was a really spiritual experience.  An investigator that was there felt the Spirit really strong and wanted to get baptized, but she can’t right now because she still needs to get MARRIED!!! so that’s a problem with her. She wants to get married, but they don’t have enough money right now, so they are waiting for that.  We would help them out as a Ward, but there have been situations in the past with others.

This past week with my studies has been amazing!  I am reading the Book of Mormon right now and am learning a ton. Each time I have read it I feel the power and love God has for us. I can also feel a desire to hurry and find all of His chosen children. I love the Savior and am very grateful for what he has done for me.

It is crazy how Becca is going to BYU football games and she loves them – that’s amazing! Today has been a little busy; we just had a zone activity where we got a tour of all of Huatulco. A member who does that for a living gave us a tour for free. Below are two pictures of the missionaries serving in our zone here in Hautulco. Also, we have to move from one house to another today. My comp and I found a new and better house, so we are going to move today.  Well, I’ve got to go – I have lots of lifting to do!
Elder Moore
Zona Huatulco Zona Huatulco 2

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  1. Wow, what a week! It may have been tough. Ours has been too. Those come and they cause you to evaluate and make changes. Tough is good. It is a cause for change.
    I feel the same way about the Book of Mormon. It is as important to my spirit as good food is to my body. I love to eat and I love to feel good, spiritually and physically.
    So exciting that the investigator felt the spirit at the baptism. I think baptisms are powerful. I think that is why it talks about baptism as being a most glorious subject. Once the baptism is done, the door is open and we are on the path, whether in mortality or in the spirit world.
    Got to get to work!
    Love you, love you,
    Nana and Poppi

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