Oaxaca, Mexico Mission

Turtle Eggs

Well, yesterday we received changes (transfer notifications) and my comp and I are staying together for at least another change (transfer) in Huatulco!!!  I am really excited to be here another change with my comp.  The Mission President told us the changes of almost the whole zone while we were talking before our District Conference. I was asking him how he was called and how he felt about being a Mission President, and it is a funny story.  But after that Sunday morning he told us we were staying and about some other people in the zone, so that was fun.

We just had a District Conference and on Saturday; we had some investigators go to the session and the talks were really powerful. There is couple that is working in the Oaxaca Temple and they came to speak.  They shared that they worked in the Salt Lake Temple for five years (el Hno. se llama Brother Norman). They shared with us their testimony on the temple and the Savior, and the investigators loved it!  They want to go to the temple. I do too, but I am going to patiently wait maybe six more months until I can go again. Keep reading and going to the temple.
Love you all,
Elder Moore
Here is a pic of us eating turtle eggs with a family in the branch:
Christopher with Turtle Eggs in Huatulco

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