Oaxaca, Mexico Mission

General Conference

That campout with the YSA ward sounds like fun! And Dad, we are for sure going to go mountain biking in Moab, go fishing at Ryder and lots of other outdoor stuff. That’s good that there are three more with us in the Priesthood session. That joke about Grandpa made me laugh so hard – it was a good one. Keith, all I ask is to have the wedding when I get there so I can be there. Aslo, Jared and Kathryn – that’s crazy but awesome.  And Dad still likes the rush, doesn’t he?  Can’t stay in the same spot for too long.

Conference was AMAZING!!!!  Each year it goes by faster and faster. I remember before the mission it took forever and the sessions were so long, but now they aren’t long enough. I loved Pres. Uchtdorf’s talk about light. Tad R. Callister – he just comes off as a very refined man. And Richard G. Scott. Some things I loved this conference was hearing some talks in Spanish. Also I loved when Richard G Scott said searching the scriptures is more important than sleeping, eating, social media, etc.. I really liked that quote and also when someone said that a spiritual question requires a  spiritual response.
The talks spoke a lot about personal revelation, prophets, and there were two talks on the law of the fast. You can tell they focused a lot on individual growth and testimony. And that is how the establishing of Zion will happen in these the last days. The establishing of Zion starts with every individual becoming converted to the gospel, and should be a main focus right now so that the righteous can seek refuge during the second coming. We all need to become more converted to the gospel so we can participate in the gathering of Israel.  The gathering of scatterd Israel has and will always start with the individual on a spiritual level. The tribes were scatterd because first they stopped obeying and listening to the spirit, thus separating themselves from God.  Then they were literally scattered. but we could go on and  that is another topic. The point is that we need to be more spiritually prepared for what is going to come.
Below is a picture of the whole zone eating between conference sessions. Love you all! Keep studying the scriptures and going to the temple!
Elder Moore
Zona Huatulco eating between conference sessions

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