Oaxaca, Mexico Mission


This week was good. During one of the juntas (meetings) there was a little earthquake so we were all in the Church building when everything started to shake; it got a little loud but then calmed down.

This week we had a good experience with finding a new investigator. So my comp and I were shopping in Soriana on Monday (p-day) and a lady came up to us and asked if we are the Mormons; we told her we are. She said that she had lots of questions and wanted some help in her life. Then she said that she had questions about Melchizedek and we were a little surprised because it’s not every day that some random person has a question about Melchizedek. So we went to go teach her and it turned out she was having a really hard time and had heard that we have the Priesthood, that we give blessings, and she wanted one. We gave her a blessing and she felt the power of the Priesthood really strong; she now knows that it is real.
It was a really good experience to be ready to give aid to someone who needed it. And that experience has made me think about all the blessings I received from dad and how they blessed my life and gave me guidance. So thanks for everything.
Love you all!
Elder Moore

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  1. What a blessing! That has become my mantra, my theme. The Lord in his goodness and mercy is trying to less His children. Just as you were able to bless this woman He is always trying to bless you. Everything He does is to that end, even in crisis and apparent disaster. I am so grateful that you and your companion, like your Dad, your uncles, your grandfathers and great grandfathers, were worthy in the moment of need to bless this woman. A Spirit of peace and calm washes over me when I think of how amazing it all is. Melchizedek is a type for Christ, the great High Priest. What an honor and privilege to share that power and to grow in the exercise of it.
    Oh it is wonderful!
    We just participated in the training of all the new Temple Presidents. It was wonderful to feel the power of the First Presidency, the Twelve, Seventys who participated and of the president’s and their wives as well. What a sacred trust we all have, Elder Christopher Moore. Thank you for honoring it.
    Love, love, love, Nana

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