Oaxaca, Mexico Mission

El Don Del Espiritu Santo

That’s super funny what dad said about Keith, how he is a true “Cougar” fan. That’s good Dad is doing an awesome job in his calling, and that Rachael is going on a lot of dates. It’s going to weird to go home and see Becca in college. Wow – I just thought of something super scary: she is going to be farther along in school than I will be!

This week was a great week, but a big let down on Sunday because no one came to Church.  My comp and I found some really good people and I am really excited to teach them. We found an old investigator this week and one of the first things he told us is that he wants to be baptized. So that was really nice and a huge blessing, He’s already been to church and knows a little about the gospel. He is 17 and we are going to try and prepare him for a mission.

This week has been amazing, i realized again how little we do as misioneros and how much the Lord does in preparing each one of his children for their appointed time to hear the gospel. All the lord requires of us is to be clean and do the best we can. If we have the Spirit we are going to be successful. We need to always strive to have the Spirit. Also if we want to know if our thoughts, desires and actions are acceptable before God, we just need to see if we have the Spirit. What a wonderful gift God has given us! We as mortals have the opportunity to enjoythe presence of one of the members of the Godhead; we will have the spirit IF we obey.

Thanks for all your prayers and support! I love you all.

Elder Moore
P.S. Here are pics of part of my area and of a cruise ship in port
Hillside in HuatulcoCruise Ship in Huatulco

Comments on: "El Don Del Espiritu Santo" (2)

  1. Auntie Leo said:

    Dear elder MOORE, I love reading your weekly letters to home and seeing your growth and development. You sound like you have such a great understanding. It makes me very proud of you. Love auntie

  2. Dear Christopher,

    You are profound in your understanding of the stamp of approval that it is to have the Spirit with you. The Spirit is the instrument the Lord has given us to be close to him, indeed, to be in His presence. I love the D&C 59:24? where it says that the equivalent of eternal life in the life hereafter is peace in this life. Peace is a gift of the Spirit. It is a gift the Savior gives us, not as the world giveth, gives He it unto us. It is a gift that allows our hearts not to be troubled and us to be unafraid. That is a BIG thing in the last days when men’s hearts will be failing them. It is a simple thing.
    Hunter is staying with us for a few days while he finds himself a new apartment and a car. He thinks he has found a car. He is doing really well at work and is planning on starting at the U shortly in information technology.
    We are doing awesome because we recognize the amazing blessings of the Lord in our lives. We stand all amazed at the love Jesus offers us all. Thank you for doing the great work you are doing, one prayer, one study session, one act of service at a time. Thank you. From small things do great things proceed.

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