Oaxaca, Mexico Mission


Today was changes (transfers). I am staying in Huatulco and my comp left. I am going to miss him. We got along really well and we had some amazing experiences here. I sent a picture (below) of what we got to celebrate his last night here. It was my first time in 20 months eating a lot of that stuff because you can’t find it here. It’s only in this area because there are a lot of tourists here. But there is a bad thing about having a good comp, it’s when he leaves. But that’s part of the mission and there is a time for everything. This is my comp number 16, so I am kind of use to it right now.

Dad that is an amazing poem, I love it. That’s what it is all about. We are here to progress through obedience. That’s good that Rachael is dating a lot. And that is super funny about Keith, how he wouldn’t wear a helmet until the brother of his girlfriend gave him one to wear. Looks like Keith is getting ready to be ‘companero menor’ (Jr. Companion) again! Our Mission President made a super funny joke about being ‘companero menor’ for 30+ years to his wife. And Becca going disco skating – classic. Miriam has grown up in a different situation. Her whole life has been pure young adult activities. Thanks for all of your prayers. I have grown to love the Lord more doing his work here in Oaxaca than ever. I love the gospel and I am so grateful for the peace and happiness it brings when we are obedient. I love you all – have a great week!

Elder Moore
P.S. Here is a picture of some recien conversos (recent converts) here in the ward. She is preparing to go to the temple.
Christopher despidiendo companero en Huatulco2 Christopher despidiendo companero en Huatulco

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  1. You make us so happy, Christopher! The way you are living, the good that you are doing is blessing so very many. You are one of the top ones on our Thanksgiving list. Thank you, dear one. Our prayers are with you.
    We had an amazing Sunday dinner at Nana and Poppi’s on Sunday. Keith had come up for the day and stayed so he could have dinner when Hunter could get there. And then Ashton walked in a few minutes before everything was ready. It was one of those moments made in heaven as these three talked and shared the escapades of youth together. You were part of the conversation. There was so much love and fun, wonderful memories. And all this because we’re a forever family.
    Love, love, love,
    Nana and Poppi

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