Oaxaca, Mexico Mission

I don’t know if I read that part right when Rachael told me that Keith went to DISNEY ON ICE instead of a BYU football game. Wow – he is hooked! He use to make fun of Disney On Ice on the TV, and now he won’t miss those for anything. He starts to wear a helmet, then one thing leads to another, and now he is going to Disney On Ice instead of a BYU football game. I’ll have to see if I recognize him when I get back.

This week was good we had some good lessons with investigators and menos activos (less actives). We visited an Hermana who hasn’t come to Church for a while. We taught her about the Atonement and what she needs to do to use it. It was such a simple lesson but really powerful. Even though the Atonement is the center of the gospel, it is the most in-depth part. I honestly don’t know how Christ did it, and I am unable to comprehend it, but I do accept it by faith. I have felt it and know it is real. So in this lesson my companion and I bore testimony of the Atonement and the reality of it. And I know she felt the spirit. It was such a simple lesson, but there was a profound impression left that night.

I want you all to know that Christ lives and that the Atonement is real! All we have to do is obey to receive his tender mercies. And our Father is loving and perfect in everything.  He is perfectly happy and knows exactly what we need to live the same lifestyle. I love you all and families can be together forever!

Elder Moore
P.S. Here are some fish I saw this morning on the beach.
Christohper - foto de peces de la mar

Comments on: "The Atonement – The Most In-Depth Part" (1)

  1. Great report, Christopher, especially your testimony of the atonement. Interesting how we don’t understand it’s power and yet we are blessed by it everyday. It is a little like electricity. If you had to understand electricity to turn on a switch and be blessed by the light we’d all be living in the dark. How can a mortal comprehend what it took a God to accomplish. But some day, the promise is that we will understand.

    There have been some life changes in the family. Ashton is home putting his life in order and Hunter is here in Salt Lake doing the same. They want to move forward. Hunter will be coming for lunch with us today. We love that. Keith was up two weeks ago and had dinner with us and them. We had a ball. All those prayers that they could be rescued are seeing their fruits. The Father has employed the power of the atonement in their behalf. The sealing covenant of generations is taking effect. Don’t ever disbelieve the power of that binding covenant, live it, believe it. It is another one of those things we really can’t comprehend, now.

    Adelante con ojo de fe!

    We love you, love you, love you,
    Nana and Poppi

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