Oaxaca, Mexico Mission

The Pleasing Word

That is the Amazing!!! I am so happy that they are taking the right steps to put things in order. That is the answer to many prayers. I love what Nana said “The Father has employed the power of the atonement in their behalf. The sealing covenant of generations is taking effect. Don’t ever disbelieve the power of that binding covenant, live it, believe it.”  That is powerfull! Even though I am not there with the family watching it unfold, I can feel it.

This week we found someone named David. His past is really crazy. He has done a lot of things and is really dicouraged with himself and where he is. And he can’t feel like he can change because he has tried before but has just made the situation worse every time. So after we got to know him and what he needs, we started to teach him about the liberating power of the atonement. Up to this point in his life he has listened to many missionaries from other religions, but he was really taken back with what we talked about. So we continued to teach him and it was interesting to look into his eyes and see his facial expressions.  You could tell his spirit was responding to what was being said. He was recieving the message. Thinking later on that moment i thought of Jacob 2:8 which states: “And it supposeth me that they have come up hither to hear the pleasing word of God, yea, the word which healeth the wounded soul.”  In that moment his soul was being healed by the ‘pleasing word of God’.  It was amazing to see the Word take root and start to heal his soul. I love reading the scriptures and I testify that they heal wounds that can’t be seen on the outside. Keep reading the Word.
Love you all!
Elder Moore 
P.S.  Here is some soup that an Hermana gave us. It’s made of water, cactus, tomato, onion, egg, and a fish.
Sopa de pescado

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  1. One of the comments you hear about the temple from those who don’t understand is that the temple is exclusive. Only special people can enter. Well, that is true and untrue. It is true that the people who enter the temple are special people and they have put their lives in alignment with God and are desirous of becoming more fully aligned with him. They have swallowed up their own carnal wills and desires and are seeking to do the will and desires of God. As the Savior said, I came not to do mine own will but His that sent me.”
    The untrue part of that statement is that it makes you feel like not everyone can enter. That is wrong, of course. You and 88,000 other missionaries as well as 15 million members of the church are offering the invitation to enter the temple. Entrance to the temple, the house of the Lord begins in the waters of baptism, continues in receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost with the promise that in the temple we can receive a fulness of that supernal gift.
    That was what was on my mind as I read your letter. We are so grateful for your efforts in behalf of all you come in contact with. It is so important. We are doing the same from here, Christopher. We love, love, love you. It is Thanksgiving so the turkeys and the turkeybowl are in preparation. Your presence is felt. You are part of it all. Thank you, thank you, dear Christopher for loving the Lord and coming to understand the Savior. That is eternal life.

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